Unstoppable Red Pill Internet (Free Net)

Freos is the Bitcoin of the world wide web (WWW). In other words, Freos might be like a decentralized BitTorrent (BT) system, AKA the Internet 2.0, AKA FreeNet. Freos protects Internet Users from hackers, trackers, advertisers, viruses, government, spies, Internet Service Providers (ISP), Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc.

Hardware Roots

Your computer is your hardware. In other words, hardware includes the physical parts, the hard drives, CPU, GPU, motherboard, cards, batteries, phones, microphones, cameras, keyboards, monitors, etc.

Dangers of Software

Software is whatever you put on your hardware. Software is the programs, applications (apps), bots, code, viruses, malware, etc. Both hardware and software may be compromised by governments, corporations, organizations, bad people, NWO, black hackers, white hat crackers, spam, marketers, cultural warlords, all in the name of technocracy, censorship, plutocracy, corporatism, monopolism, centralization, as they murder free speech, free markets, free societies, free press, free religions, free minds, independence, private ownership rights, privacy, liberties, choices, freewill.


So, there may be backdoors and other problems. Freenet seeks to help us get away from some of these problems which are found in some the websites, software, hardware, of Microsoft, Apple, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, IBM, etc.

Start With Hardware

Ideally, if you want to save yourself, start with the hardware. Make sure you have the best hardware possible. That is your foundation. Secondly, think about your operating system (OS). Most people use a Microsoft Windows OS which spies on us. It attacks people too. The second most used kind of OS is those made by Apple.

Ironic Mystic

I'm using Ubuntu Mate. I'm using Firefox as my web browser but I may try to find a better browser someday. I use Bit Torrent. Now, the Tails OS goes through TOR which may be good or maybe very good. Some say TOR came from like the FBI or something. Not sure if that is true. Not sure if those are the same people that also hate Bitcoin and Steemit. I have some Bitcoin.

I encourage you to try a new thing today. Take it a day at a time.

Making the world greener, one oatmeal at a time.

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