What is the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility?

"The history behind the Global Collateral Accounts is vast and complex, and reaches back some 250 years."

"According to the International Treasury Controller, the Global Debt Facility is a combination of International Collateral Accounts and Assets that “are an accumulation of reserve funds, physical precious assets, various Financial Securities and interest accumulated in interest bearing accounts over centuries.” These include assets that date back thousands of years, but they were primarily curated from 1850 to the present day."

"One has to go back as far as 1850 when the Royal Families of the World agreed, under International Treaty, to consolidate their wealth which was held under Trusts and Foundations, into two "Umbrella" entities. One was The Heritage International Trust and the other was Foundation Divine. This wealth was to be utilised for the benefit of ALL countries of the World and ALL people of the World. This was a system basically designed by the Czar of Russia, Nicholas 1, who dispatched his two sons around the world to collect the signatures of ALL the Royal Families of the World.

In 1896, the work of the two sons was completed and the International Treaty was finalised. Even before the completion of that International Treaty, assets of the Royal Families were being secreted away in some of the most inhospitable places one could even think of.

The Governments of several Western countries did not agreed to what the Royal Families had undertaken and vowed to disrupt this structure in any way that they could."

"By August 17th, 1945, President Soekarno of Indonesia had been elected “M1” or Monetary Controller of this large cache of assets, granted under United Nations Resolution MISA 81704, Operation Heavy Freedom. These assets are better known as the Global Collateral Accounts and were originally intended to be used for the modernization of the world through several humanitarian projects. The Dragon Family are the legitimate Depositors of these accounts."

"appointed a single independent person to the position of International Treasury Controller with full rights, authority, and legal ownership of the Combined International Collateral Accounts."

"That is the January 1995 Treaty agreements executed by the Nations of the World which appointed a Legal Heir to Decadency, a legal Owner, Sole Arbiter, and Controller, of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, otherwise known as the Collateral Accounts, Global Accounts, Global Debt Facility. That person was Dr. Ray C. Dam, the former Gold Signatory to the G7, and just like Marcos, Ray Dam had to go."

"The assets, including the accounts, of the Global Debt Facility cannot be sequestrated, confiscated, appropriated, taxed, prohibition or restriction from movement, reprisals, censorship, utilized by any unauthorized person / party, stolen, assigned, or otherwise by any unauthorized person / party. All assets are under the absolute dispositional control of those duly and legally appointed, namely 1). H.E. Ferdinand Marcos, succeeded by Queen Elizabeth II, succeeded by H.E. Dr. Ray C. Dam, succeeded by............................................................................................................. current incumbent.

It is illegal for any Government, Government Authority / Agency, or Banking Institution whether Central Bank, Commercial Bank, or, International Financial Organisation, to appropriate, sequester or otherwise take or use these assets, impede or restrict movement of assets, or similar, unless such action is initiated by the International Treasury Controller"

"the International Treasury Control, the Collateral Accounts (AKA Global Debt Facility, Divine Wealth, Holy Wealth of our Holy Father in Heaven, Foundation Divine), its operations, Assets and / Accounts, documents (Historic and / or present)."

"All Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility are actually owned by Trusts and Foundations, all legally registered and operational. All those Trust and Foundations, of which there are in excess of 40,000, are owned by Heritage International Trust and Foundation Divine, YES the latter one is what Lord David James of the UK brought to the attention with his mysterious speech in the House of Lords in which he mentioned the name of this mysterious Foundation X, not revealing the real name because to do so would have placed him in a situation of a Breach of International Official Secrets."

"The term “Owner” means owner of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Primarily, this includes the Master Foundation known as “Foundation Divine”, under which there are numerous Primary Trusts / Foundations of which St. Germain Trust, World Trust, St.Germain Master Trust, China Foundation, Dragon Family Trust, Mae Hua Trust, and many more. Each of these trusts / Foundations are the Masters of several other Trusts / Foundations under them, and each of those Trusts / Foundations are masters of sub-trusts / foundations, and sub-sub-trusts / foundations.

All in all there are in excess of 30,000 Trusts / Foundations, scattered throughout the world, which make up “Foundation Divine”, which is generally / commonly referred to as the Global Debt Facility"

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