InfoWars Receives YouTube Termination Warning Over "Crisis Actor" Video

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InfoWars has a YouTube channel of just over 2.2 million subscribers. Now it has one strike against it.

A video suggesting the Parkland shooring survivors were coached was removed and a warning issued for violating YouTube's "harassment and bullying" policy. The video was of David Hogg had difficulty sharing what took place.

Accusations are now flying that Hogg is a "crisis actor" paid to insert himself into conflicts for the media.

This accusation is denied.

Hogg also went on CNN to refute the claims, flanked by Anderson Cooper and his father - a former FBI agent, to shoot down claims that he is a paid actor.

"I'm not a crisis actor," Hogg told CNN's Anderson Cooper on "AC360" Tuesday. "I'm someone who had to witness this and live through this and I continue to be having to do that."

"I'm not acting on anybody's behalf," the 17-year-old added. -CNN

This is not the first time Hogg found himself in the news.

In 2017, in California, he found himself in a confrontation with a lifeguard over a boogie board.

Unlike the InfoWars video, YouTube left this one up.

Adding to the conspiracy theory is the fact that a video of a student claiming to see a second shooter was removed by YouTube. Alexa Miednik spoke to the gunman during the shooting and was asked about a second shooter.

Miednik believed that a second shooter was involved in the attack, stating "There was obviously, definitely another shooter involved." When KHOU11 reporter Matt Musil then asks Miednik "Oh, you think he was not the only one?", Miednik replies "Definitely not."

The video is still available on Twitter.

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