Dont Take Me To Jail Cuz I Know What He Did 2018-03-07 Wed 750AM LMS

CNN said they found proof that Trump colluded with Russia. CNN showed a video of a girl who was being arrested in Thailand and she said she knew some secrets, some things about what happened. I saw this while watching Mark Dice this Wednesday morning, 07:50 AM PST, LMS, that is 2018-03-07, WED, me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and CNN and legacy media has been breaking this type of shocking news, like tabloids, for years and years.

Beyond that, education is run by leftists, globally, generally, and they are raising people up, more and more, the younger generations, to vote for Democrats in America and also in other countries. If you are for your country first, for your family first, for traditional values, for your community first, for more choices, for less government, for more freedoms, for more capitalism, for less welfare, then please vote more in 2018, that is this year, and get more involved in America or even in other countries as well. If not, then the left will continue to regain control and worse. The left is coming after our first 2 American amendments and they will stop us and then you and it is like what happened in Germany in the 1930's and it happens in history in many countries many times. Will we fall just like Rome did? We have opportunities each day to change the course of history by spreading the truth via, videos, photos, articles, GIFs, memes, links, tweets, emails, social networks, online, offline, through blockchains, through technology, word of mouth, art, conversations, debates, events, through what we say, write, create, do, etc etc. Will you join the global revolutions and eat more oatmeal or not?

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2018-03-07 Wednesday 07:50 AM LMS: created
2018-03-07 Wednesday 08:35 AM LMS: Dont Take Me To Jail Cuz I Know What He Did


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Deep state is trying to take away our freedoms, our free speech, and more. Join this second global revolution, share the links, videos, articles, for the sake of our children and future, before it is too late. Thanks. With oatmeal in my bowl, is Jesus in your soul?

2017-01-01 - s - Simpsons 01
2017-03-13 - s - PR 01 ----------- Mon 09:30 PM AC
2017-03-18 - s - PR 02 ----------- Sat 09:30 PM AC
2017-03-23 - s - PR 03 ----------- Thu 07:00 PM AC
2017-03-26 - s - PR 04 ----------- Sun 03:00 PM AC
2017-04-01 - s - PR 05 Turbo ----- Sat 10:00 PM
2017-04-05 - s - PR 06 Space ----- Wed 03:40 PM PC - 1998-02-06
2017-04-08 - s - PR 07 ----------- Sat 01:00 PM BK NW Q1
2017-04-15 - s - PR 08 ----------- Sat 01:00 PM BK NW Q1
2017-04-18 - s - PR 09 ----------- Tue 01:00 PM BK-NW Q1
2017-04-26 - s - PR 10 ----------- Wed
2017-04-30 - s - PR 11 Ninja S.- - Sun 04:00 PM xxx
2017-05-03 - s - PR 12 Dino/Tom -- Wed 11:00 AM xxx
2017-05-05 - s - PR 13 SPD - - - - Fri xx:xx xx xxx
2017-05-15 - s - Suits 609 - - - - Mon 10:00 PM maybe AC or OTC
2017-05-18 - s - Suits 616 - - - - Thu 04:00 PM maybe TLJ
2017-10-29 - s - HIMYM 101 - - - - Sun 07:00 PM OTC
2017-10-30 - w - TTD 701 - - - - - Mon 09:00 PM OTC
2017-10-30 - w - TWD 802 - - - - - Mon 10:20 PM OTC
2017-10-31 - e - HIMYM 122 - - - - Tue 03:10 PM MDNH
2017-10-31 - w - HH 101 - - - - -- Tue 07:00 PM OTC
2017-10-31 - w - Rebels 405, 406 - Tue 10:30 PM OTC
2017-11-02 - s - HH 102 - - - - -- Thu 05:11 PM OTC
2017-11-06 - w - TWD 803 - - - - - Mon 06:00 PM OTC
2017-11-06 - s - Suits 701 - - - - Mon 08:00 PM OTC
2017-11-07 - e - Suits 710 - - - - Tue 03:30 PM MDNH
2017-11-07 - w - TTD 703 - - - - - Tue 05:30 PM OTC
2017-11-08 - w - TRUMP ASIA TRIP - For Twelve Days
2017-11-11 - s - HIMYM 201 - - - - Sat 04:00 PM MDNH
2017-11-12 - w - Gotham 408 - - -- Sun 08:02 PM OTC
2017-11-12 - w - Rebels 407-408 -- Sun 09:17 PM OTC
2017-11-13 - w - TWD 804 - - - - - Mon 06:15 PM OTC
2017-11-13 - w - TTD 704 - - - - - Mon 07:00 PM OTC
2017-11-13 - s - HIMYM 301 - - - - Mon 08:00 PM OTC
2017-11-13 - s - HIMYM 401 - - - - Tue 05:30 PM OTC
2017-11-15 - s - HIMYM 501 - - - - Wed 08:00 PM OTC
2017-11-17 - s - HIMYM 601 - - - - Thu 05:00 PM OTC
2017-11-18 - s - HIMYM 701 - - - - Sat 10:50 PM OTC
2017-11-22 - w - Justice League -- Wed 09:45 PM - 11:45 PM Vincom Theater
2017-11-24 - w - Rebels 409 - - -- Fri 05:25 PM - 6 PM OR163
2017-11-24 - w - TWD 805 --------- Fri 08:52 PM - 10 PM OR163
2017-11-24 - w - TTD 805 --------- Fri 10:00 - 11:00 PM OR163
2017-11-25 - w - FIGHT ROBIN ----- SATURDAY NIGHT OR163
2017-11-26 - c - HIMYM SEASON 7 -- Sun 02:00 PM PST OR163 after FG Bible Church
2017-11-27 - s - HIMYM 801 Mon 03:26 PM PST OR163
2017-11-30 - w - TWD 806 Thu 12:48 AM PST OR163
2017-11-30 - w - TTD 706---------- Thu 01:35 AM PST OR163
2017-12-02 - s - HIMYM 901 ------- Sat 05:12 PM PST OR163
2017-12-04 - e - HIMYM 924 ------- Mon 11:00 AM PST FG Library: Mike Kurtz: watched through all 9 seasons of HIMYM from 2017, October 29th, Sunday, 7 PM, at OTC, to 2017, December 4th, Monday, 11 AM, FG Library, PST, me, JA, then went to the Grand Lodge with Mike Kurtz for our first meeting since my return to the USA from Vietnam on Thanksgiving Day 2017: first met Mike ten years ago in the summer of 2007 at Camp Kuratli.
2017-12-04 - w - TWD 807 --------- Mon 07:00 PM OR163 maybe
2017-12-04 - w - TTD 707 --------- Mon 08:00 PM OR163 maybe
2017-12-06 - s - Lois & Clark 101 Wed 06:00 AM PST OR163: Congress of Nations = CN = China.
2017-12-10 - w - Christmas Cinderella on Ion Television - Sun 5 -7 PM OR163: in the living room: saw an the last half of it on the big TV in the living room as dad came home. Missed the beginning of this romance chick flick movie. I like the main actress here.
2017-12-11 - w - TWD 808 --------- Mon 09:00 PM OR163 around the time I confronted drunk dad by myself as he went to sleep: told him he is not a loser. It was like a fight between a father and a son that ended with the father saying he loves his son and the son responded with like a Han Solo I know thing.
2017-12-11 - w - TTD 708 --------- Mon 10:00 PM OR163
2017-12-16 - w - Star Wars Last Jedi - Saturday 06:00 - 08:30 PM OR163 JA: hope Snoke or Luke aren't really dead: not sure if I like the film or not.
2017-12-22 - s - Lois & Clark 201 Friday 11:49 PM OR163 and started season one back on the 6th of December 2017.
2017-12-30 - s - Fuller House 301 Sat 06:10 PM OR163
2017-12-31 - e - Fuller House 318 Sun 07:30 PM OR 163
2017-12-31 - c - Lois & Clark latter half of season 2 on Sun 8 PM OR163
2018-01-01 - s - Lois & Clark 301 Mon 10:10 PM OR163
2018-01-09 - s - Lois & Clark 401 Tue 05:25 AM OR163
2018-01-15 - e - Lois & Clark 422 Mon 08:00 AM OR163
2018-01-15 - s - Ray 501 -------- Mon 11:30 PM LMS
2018-01-19 - e - Ray 512 -------- Fri 11:15 PM LMS
2018-01-24 - s - Scorpion 401 --- Wed 10:20 PM LMS
2018-01-29 - e - Scorpion 414 --- Mon 09:53 PM LMS
2018-01-30 - s - X Files 1101 --- Tue 05:35 PM LMS
2018-01-30 - w - 2018 USA SOTU State Of The Union 6 PM LMS
2018-02-02 - e - X Files 1104 --- Fri 09:00 PM LMS
2018-02-02 - s - Boy Meets World 101 ----- Fri 09:15 PM LMS
2018-02-03 - s - Boy Meets World 201 ----- Sat 03:00 PM LMS
2018-02-06 - s - Boy Meets World 301 ----- Tue 05:11 PM LMS
2018-02-20 - s - Boy Meets World 401 ----- Tue 06:08 PM LMS
2018-02-26 - w - TWD 809 Carl Died 1hr --- Mon 11:00 AM LMS
2018-02-26 - w - Rebels 410, 411, Recon -- Mon 05:00 PM LMS
2018-02-27 - w - Rebels 412, 413, Recon -- Tue 09:00 PM LMS
2018-03-03 - s - Gotham 408b-412 Sat 12:10 AM LMS
2018-03-06 - w - TWD 810 Dump Letters ---- Mon 12:00 AM LMS
2018-03-06 - w - Rebels 414, 415, Recon .. Tue 02:35 PM LMS

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HH - -- Hunting Hitler - History Channel
HIMYM - How I Met Your Mother
PR - -- Power Rangers
TTD - - The Talking Dead
TWD - - The Walking Dead

AC - -- Anh Coffee, Tran Hung Dao, Q1, HCM, VN
MDNH -- McDonald's, Nguyen Hue, Q1, HCM
OTC - - Opera Tea Club Cafe, Q1


2017-12-13 Wednesday 06:00 AM PST OR163 JA: First VN Dream In The USA: just awoke from this dream I had while sleeping in my new room, a former room of my sisters, Katie and Crystal, as I'm back in the USA now after being in Vietnam for five years from Thursday, 2012-11-29, to Thursday, 2017-11-23, and I am living with my dad, his girlfriend, Robin Baker, and there is Jamie and his girlfriend in me and my brother's former room, the front room. Have been back the past two or so weeks in the USA and I bought my plane ticket back with some of my Bitcoin and ate an ice cream sandwich like Monday night, which dad brought home, and I am Joey Arnold Oatmeal, and it tasted like past and I had strawberry ice cream this Wed morning and it might have had freezer burn and have been drinking too much coffee or too much caramel milk creamer stuff that I add on to it that I find in the fridge. Sent my food stamps application last Thursday online and have a DMV application for a new Oregon ID card filled out that I can print out. I work landscaping with dad now as I do sometimes in life when I am back home but ave had many jobs since my birth on Monday, the 11th of February, 1985, as I am 32 years old now, born here in Forest Grove, Oregon, United States of America, USA, and Robin seems to say and think that I did not do the many things I did do in my life, careerwise, job-wise, and so on and so forth.


In my dream, I was in a race in Vietnam and we were running through Saigon on foot through schools and villages and cities and neighborhoods and obstacle courses and we were then running through a lake river thing and then we reached the deep end and I started trying to swim and then I then got caught in the stream of the river as it pushed me and I must have went unconscious and awoke later in some random city that was many miles off course and I was running aroun then looking for travel agencies with maps and English speaking agents that could tell me where I was and how I could get back on track as I was kind of in a race and I looked around and ran around and found some free food like fruits like bananas and grabbed them and local boys followed me and started stealing and eating some of my food. So, I smiled and said to them they were stealing back their own food as the food came from their own house which I was at a second ago as it was also a travel agency with some free food and the boys were simply trying to follow me because I might have been the first foreigner they have ever seen. I kept running and was on local American news and I saw that in a split screen feature in my own dream as I was not watching it in my dream because I had no pocket TV as I was running but I knew I was like on TV and people were looking for me and I am not sure what happened after that.

2017-12-16 Saturday 03:20 AM PST OR163 Travel Dream: was in a car with maybe my only brother, Rick, and maybe Morgan, the black guy with the stick on The Walking Dead (TWD), and maybe just those two people mostly as far as I remember or they may have been a combination of different people and stuff. This dream reminds me of previous dreams from years ago where I was travelling all over the USA in cars and stuff and those were dreams as far as I know and I compared in this dream all the car travel I did in real life or maybe just in these previous dreams with my airplane flight from the USA to Vietnam in 2012 and as I flew back in real life back to the USA in 2017.

In this dream, we travelled in some kind of car and we always stopped at like the house of like Rick, my brother, or maybe his name was Matt Kurtz and not Rick or maybe other people. We were travelling like by car from Oregon to California and/or all over on the west and maybe also in the center between Montana and Texas. I asked Rick about his house. He said the house follows the car or rental car or whatever we were in. I asked why we were in a car in the first place. Maybe no clear response was made to my question. And I had a blow torch I was using on the wheel of our car and it was there to fix it as it was like bending or breaking in the frame. We were in the house as we stopped for restroom stops at times. Later, we stopped for another pit stop and saw the blow torch was still in the wheel of the car and was melting it the whole time even as we were driving outside of the house that somehow follows us on the road. I took the torch off and out of the wheel. The car maybe travels on like a train track or trolley track or light track thing. Amazing that a welding torch could be stuck in a wheel and stay blue and on and stuff. The left conflates as in tries to confuse people through comparing and through stuff.


Dream VanDyke Lost Arm

2018-01-08 Monday 11 AM OR163: dream 6AM: JA.

In my dream last night, went to FGHS, my high school, and saw maybe student Richie VanDyke there with an older guy and maybe he was a Senior there and maybe I was older and an alumni and I saw him missing his right arm. Then I remember our Algebra Joe Baumgartner class we had together maybe long ago and how he had a cast. Maybe, his broken arm died and they had to cut off his arm. I said hello to him as I was walking through with other people. He didn't say hello back. Wasn't sure why I was back in school in my dream. In real life we were co-managers and both seniors, class of 2004, for FGHS. He never lost limbs as far as I know. What does my dream mean? That is all I remember. Been having crazy dreams in the USA since I returned Thanksgiving 2017 but haven't been writing them down mostly because I can't really remember enough of the dreams to be able to write them down. Too many bits and pieces.

Blake Lives

2018-02-22 Thursday 7:30 AM LMS: Dream: Blake Lives:
Was in a field with church and school friends in the summer or on a nice day watching fireworks or something and behind walked what appeared to be Blake Webb but older and I asked him about Sunday, the 2nd of May, 2010, during the basketball event, like a maranthon, because that is the day he died. I stayed the night at his house and found him dead that Sunday morning in his room in real life. In this dream, I saw him and he was maybe different in appearance and voice and I asked him questions and said stuff and he said stuff and smile and stuff and walked away or something and a guy from my first college with spikey blond hair said that it was not Blake or maybe was and he was maybe joking and I do nto remember the words we spoke.

And then I was on a bus maybe and I was then off the bus or trian pr truck and was going against the traffic of a highway and was on the side of the highway and there was no space on the side of the road and there was just wall and I was going at the traffic of trucks and buses and trains or I do not know but maybe all of that and more and was myabe going through them or something and then I maybe woke up after that. Just two main parts to this dream, seeing Blake and seeing trucks.

2018-02-24 Saturday 7 AM LMS JA Dream: Hawks At Home:
Lincoln and Fulton Hawk came to my original house in Forest Grove and were talking to my mom and were filling out prayer cards for mom. First Saw Lincoln but later saw Fulton and I remember them talking to mom and I was then like at a special cinema place and it was kind of like a fort too and couples were there to watch films and make out and stuff and I was there with somebody who let me borrow like his Paystation 3 and yet it was small like a Game Boy and I went to play it. Earlier in my first dream, I was walking around the house doing things while the Hawks were there and maybe they then left without talking to me but am not sure and I then went off to do something and was out all night and am not sure why. Two or three main parts to this dream, first at home with Mom and Hawk and then outside at night and then at a cinema or something. Oh and then at a Tri-Met MAX station in Gresham, OR waiting for the train and it was maybe the same place I was at originally for when I first worked at Kuratli as a counselor in 2007. Other people were there talking and stuff. Maybe we were all going there to work at Kuratli.

2018-03-07 Wednesday 07:20 AM LMS: Lockin HS:
My last overnight lockin with high school and youth group friends like Eric Koelbl and others. Oh, by the way, had a dream maybe Saturday, a few days ago where a man told me to shoot him the back of the head and he got on his knees and wanted to die and have a demonstration and teach a lesson to everybody there like it was The Walking Dead or something and I picked up the gun and aimed to fire and was going to shoot and thought about it but I stopped and put the gun down and thought I could not and will not. And this new dream, we were having fun with our last party and we were going at the end back to a camp maybe the Ranch at WOLBI NY and we were to sneak back to the camp as counselors and surprise our campers too but the campers saw us but we were told not to worry that the surprise of our return to camp was ruined and that it was still going to be fun and stuff and then I woke up I think and that is all I can remember basically as this new dream had 2 or 3 things which were high school people and and stuff and also camp related stuff and not sure if it had a family aspect or not or other things or not but the 2 main storylines combined and merged somehow where I was with high school friends at an all night party but we were then camp counselors at the same time and were going abck to camp at night to see our campers and in real life some of were both in high school and then later on camp counselors as well.

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