CRAZY Vape Shop Employee TRIGGERED by Trump 2020 Supporter

Wow, this vape shop employee literally acts like a 3 year old when this guy Ian Fergeson comes into the store wearing a MAGA hat and Trump shirt. The employee refuses to server Mr. Fergeson because of what he's wearing so he starts recording the confrontation. Isn't this why we have civil rights laws in this country to protect people from being discriminated against? If a baker is forced to bake a gay wedding cake that's against the bakers religion isn't this the same circumstance were the vape shop employee must sell a Trump support vape juice even if he hates Trump supporters.

Mr. Fergeson doesn't back down after the employee labels him a racist and called Trump treasonist. Mr. Fergeson asked again to buy some vape juice and he'll leave but the employee starts freaking out and takes a swing at Mr. Fergeson. Mr. Fergeson starts losing his cool a bit but rightly getting swing at. However the employee is just over the top and screams like a girl in a poor attempt to get Mr. Fergeson to leave. Eventually he does leave with without purchasing anything and now the video he took is quickly going viral on the internet.

Last I heard this employee got fired and he should for having a meltdown over a Trump supporter. This employee could of politely engaged Mr. Fergenson is conversation while he was selling him the vape juice and told him that he thinks all Trump supporters are racist, and Trump is blah, blah this or that. The two guys could of had a 30 second conversation and that would of been it but this employee instead decided to throw a fit about Mr. Fergenson in his store.

I hope the employee learned his lesson.

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