Alex Jones was removed from Youtube but you can watch today's full episode here

Thankfully folks out there are creating new channels to post the Alex Jones Show. It doesn't matter if you love him or hate him you should be very concerned about youtube censoring opposing views. Alex wasn't even banned for a particular reason just because he spreads 'hate speech' against gays and transsexual. Which means most of the Alt-right and conservatives on youtube could be banned.

Alex Jones pages removed from Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify

Facebook has taken down four pages belonging to Jones, including two featuring his Infowars show, for violating its hate speech and bullying policies.

Over the past several days, Apple, YouTube and Spotify have also removed material published by Jones. Twitter, which has not banned Jones, has also faced similar calls.


I don't think this censorship was just towards Alex Jones.

Today I noticed there where no videos opposing the left in my recommended feed on youtube. I viewed a bunch of videos yesterday about Antifa and the Patriot prayer rally but nothing in my recommended feed about it today. Usually I see a couple new videos on the topic for the next few days after I viewed so many yesterday but nothing today. My guess is they ramped up shadow banning on all videos opposing the leftist agenda.

The Alex Jones Show 8/6/18

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