My Covid Experience: Working through a pandemic.


As some of you can relate to my experience, some of you sit at home and do nothing while begging the government so protect you through this "pandemic" which is allowing governments to act as totally top-down.

So far I have worked every single day of this, not wearing any mask or protective gear. As someone who is truly skeptical of this whole scenario, I figured, screw it, if it truly exists then let me get it.
Since the start of this whole COVID-19 issue, I have met not one person that has confirmed officially that they have got it. In fact, I have not had one person in my life full of relationships come down with any sickness.

For those who claim this shit is "real" and "risky", I'm not surprised that not one of the people I know even knows someone that has contracted it "officially. The numbers that are reported seem to prove that we should have known someone by now. In my absence from this platform, I have done a lot of self-reflection into this matter.

These issues seem to be pushing people to push back a little more and ask more questions as the evidence doesn't support the result.

Keep asking them. Keep pushing. Keep fighting the #InformationWar

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