The Okey-Doke - Derek Chauvin Charged with Murder

Okay, youngblood, lemme school ya about the okey-doke. Many a police officer knows all about it, but you don't. Not yet, anyhow. But you will, and all too soon at that. The okey-doke is an illusion of process at the very hands of those who took it away from you. Take, as an example, the murder of George Floyd and the fact that his murderer was well, charged with murder. Okey-doke, right? Nope!

The Okey-Doke is a feint at best perpetrated by the system that stole due process right up from under your nose. Yes, Derek Chauvin was charged with murder after killing George Floyd. However, there's a couple of caveats that could see him go free, free like the bird in the tree. Let us take a look at exhibit numero uno from the Star Tribune entitled: "Officer charged with George Floyd's death as protests flare."

This is a good thing, right? Well, the answer to that is both yes and no. It's always good when a cop is deservingly charged with murder. This is because—cops, just like anyone else, shouldn't be able to get off scot-free after committing a lawless killing. But what about the Okey-Doke? The Okey-Doke charges the cop so that people can have instant gratification.

Unfortunately, the okey-doke is a tactic used to quell the people's outrage for a prescribed number of months until the name of the victim is no longer paramount in the minds of the outraged.

Then, as no one is paying attention, the perpetrator is promptly acquitted of all charges. Now, that right there, my friend, is the okey-doke. It's the illusion of justice used to lull you back to sleep right before the justUS happens. Please tune into my next article as I demystify "excited delirium."

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