AOC's Ditzkrieg

A. O C (Always Obnoxious and Clueless) is still insisting on pushing her “Green New Deal”

AOC argues that anyone who disagrees with her premise is a “Science Denier”
(Heavens no!)

Her premise is predicated on the science which proclaims that the earth will be destroyed in 12 years because of farting cows
This science says that the internal gas, or steam, internally generated by cows to push fecal material out of their digestive tracts (e.g. “Bovine “Steam” (better known by the initial letters BS)

That’s right!
Based upon this B S science, AOC is ready to go.

To rectify this world wide crisis, AOC insists that America must adopt her “Green New Deal.”

We understand that the initial draft of this absurd, grammatically challenged, infantile plan, was written with a crayon.

This plan calls for the demolition of all buildings in America and the replacement of each demolished building with a more environmentally energy friendly buildings.

And of course, the killing of all cows.

Because it will take years for building owners to get all of the permits and the environmental impact statements, the permits to dispose of in a manner acceptable to all of the environmental czars, the hazardous materials resulting from the demolition of buildings (Remember the medical problems still lingering from the collapse of the World Trade Center Buildings in NY), and because it will take more years for property owners to satisfy the necessity of preparing plans for the replacement buildings, having those plans approved by myriad of local and state authorities, plus the approval of the plans by whatever federal authority that Clueless wants to set up to control this new construction, the 12 years until the detraction of the earth will have expired long before this process can be completed.

If the world is going to end anyway, I would prefer to stay in my current home and have a nice hamburger for my last meal.

The cost of all this demolition, rebuilding refurnishing, and moving will be enormous.

Banks would be reluctant to provide financing for these new buildings in light of all the money that the banks will have lost because, if the building were demolished, the owners of those buildings would no longer be making money from their real estate business to pay their bank loans, and with the demolition off the building that had been the mortgage security for those loans having been demolished those banks will have lost a fortune thereby meaning that America’s banking system may have been totally destroyed by this Ditz.

Under this “Green Plan,” all fossil fuel would be banned.

This means no planes, no cars

No motorized farm equipment no trucks to transport goods to stores

No Chain Saws for forest fire prevention

No military

For many of the nations of the world, Cattle raising is he major source of income (This is particularly true in many countries in South America).

With no source of producing electricity, how are these energy efficient buildings supposed to operate? Does AOC believe that we can have men on the 50th floor of our high-rise buildings pulling s rope attached to elevators to pull building occupant and visitors up and down?

The notion that all domestic travel will be made possible by high speed trains misses several other salient points.
Travel to Hawaii, to Europe, to Australia, to the tropical island, to the Far East will really be interesting without fossil fuel.

Under the “Green Plan,” there would be nothing to power these trains. Unless AOC wants to use all of the solar energy panels produced by the Solyndra debacle of Obama (which produced 0 operating panels.

According to well respected scientific studies every inch of America would have to be covered with wind turbines to come anywhere near generating the energy needs of America.

Unless the wind turbines were situated in front of the windbags in Congress.

Those windbags might produce enough wind, but the BS coming out of their mouths would be too dangerous to the methane levels on the planet to allow any of those animals to live any longer than our farting cows.

California’s high speed train from San Francisco to LA was just cancelled by the new Democrat governor because of lack of enology, insane cost overruns and incredible multi-year delays in the process of construction.
Under the Obama administration, the federal Government contributed $300 Billion Dollars to the California bullet train, which was intended to be a private and governmental joint venture

Governor Newsome has declared that the High Speed Train Project is dead, and that California intends to keep the $300 Billion Dollar federal Contribution.

President Trump has demanded that California return the Federal money (Which will now probably be used to fund the Wall on our southern border).
From the standpoint of the Democrats in Sacramento, the project was not a total loss.

They did not get their bullet train.
But they were able to spritz around enormous sums of money to “consultants” and to Democrat Party contributors.

AOC tells us that money for the “Green Plan” does not matter

Recently, Amazon had been lured to develop a large facility

In Long Island City (Which is located in Queens County NYC, in which county a portion of AOC’s congressional District is located.

Amazon had been offered $300Billion Dollars in tax breaks to invest in Queens County.

AOC made a stink and caused Amazon to withdraw from the NY deal.

What was AOC’s objection?

She claimed that the $300 Billion could be better spent on schools and subway improvement.
What a ditz!

She actually thinks that the $300 Billion really exists, thereby demonstrating that she is totally clueless about how tax breaks work.

Let us use a simple example:
If in the first 10 years of the operation of Amazon’s new facility, Amazon made so much money that it would be require to pay $1 Trillion in Taxes to New York State and NYC, The $300 billion Dollar Tax break would mean that Amazon would only have to pay $700 Billion in Taxes.

So AOC’s big mouth means that NY just lost the $700 Billion in taxes.
And the citizens’ of NY just lost 25,000 jobs having an average salary of $100,000 each. (Which would have s generated more tax revenue, in a far more vibrant community with the workers spending a lot of cash in that community [restaurants, shops, Dry cleaners, home furnishing and solid banking business]).
There would have been a multiplier effect, with NYC becoming a new Mecca for the scientific community.

Now because of AOC’s big mouth, all of that is lost.

AOC proudly says that people in the community arose (from where? the dead?) to defeat big business.

Good luck spending the $300 Billion in tax breaks because that money never existed!
Perhaps AOC could be appointed to head a committee to spend that non- existent money.

Of course that Committee would have to be unfunded.

AS far as the Green new deal is concerned, AOC claims that the fact that the cost of this plan would bankrupt the country is unimportant, because the climate change problem must be attacked with the same intensity as America employed in defeating the Nazis during WWII.

What a juvenile Ditz!

America is to be destroyed by this Green New Deal in response to a WII-like threat.

America is now obviously at risk from the AOC Ditzkreig.

This plan would be hysterically funny, if other Democrats would stop trying to buy votes with plan “freebies”

The Green New Deal Plan includes Free Health Care for Everyone.

The elimination of all employee bas health care insurance,
The elimination of Medicare

Free college for everyone, including Illegals

Free income even for those who do not want to work.

This proposal is so disruptive to the American economy, the American military and the American way of life that all candidates who support this plan must be investigated for treason.
The FBI, the Justice Department must start probes against those candidates and all of their respective campaign workers and consultants.
Hey, if it is ok for Obama to start probes against his successor, it must be ok for Trump to do the same thing to his potential successors.

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