most fake doctors, the faucis and others bloomberg suffer from IAD... illness anxiety disorder.

What is IAD? germophobia : what mike bloomberg and others suffer from. They believed to be able to create lifeless environnent around them to be safe from germs, virus and other pathogens...

that's funny, because real front line troops are all day in mother earth :).

we never saw the sacred holliest soil of china as our enemies...

some are just temporarily unavailable (small restricted areas).

you understand human filths?

cia goons are IAD germaphobic... (beyond their pedophiliac support in top brass)

anyway, iq and mental capacity are way too low, and retalitors way to restricted :

they attacked wuhan.

and at worst CD...

(fake doctors, those who did the medical studies, but don't practice, why? because they have IAD).

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