I saw two somali females in the looting footage...


here on the left front there is one. It's hard to get a clear screenshot :).

What I am thinking is that those are foreign enemy combatant, no refugees, implanted by the domestic and foreign enemies of america (obama, clinton, sorros etc) who seek to destroy the social fabric of the usa to implement the un charter to use this new governement as a decoy for their child rapes / islands and real looting operations (trillions).

ME, I want her, and there is a second in an earlier footage, back to somalia, or dead with her entire family.

Understand well she has nothing against americans, black, white, anything, she was brought to usa, by the sorros, un, unhcr and co, and what does she do? loot.

this is not tolerable.

and remember, she and her whole family AREN'T americans. they are foreign enemies.

and what the fuck, on the cgtn footage, what do I read? mexican halal meat? what the fuck is going on? now we can't eat pork in mexico? lollllll...

what is --- are the pork based mexican dishes? hahahha. violence is core.

but to recap, you know what should happen to this thieving female according to HER political system? chop chop. and so it will. because it's too easy to pretend by wearing a veil, while hiding under it a thief. Or you apply the law, or you don't.

and if you read, and some way have, those pretending are the worst, the mushrikins or something along the line :). death.

what doesn't angry me anymore, but should, is that it's sooooooooooooooo easy to see what those using them seek...

and why aren't they fought against? what the fuck sorros... of course this fucker is "jewish", like this girl is "somali" I don't fucking know from which tribe in somalia, but sorros, burned jews in gethos... you see what I mean? and of course sorros will tell you you are antisemit by saying that he send jews to the death rows. of course, he laugh at the monkey that will fall on his trap.

there are tieves / pedo / what ever somali or jews or white or what ever.

but I mean : this somali girl > home. and her home isn't america, it's somalia.

and there they breed, over the sand, without any infrastructure or management (ala gcc) and end up exporting their excess population transforming what generations of so called western fought and defended for them to transform like somalia.

this is the un, this the rotschild programs, this the geneva... and this is what france became.

and worst what is the path foward? please... explain it to me, show me...

venezuela with SDR ? what does it mean, the sorros connected in their mansions / palaces / yachts / travels and co (jets) and fighting for canned dog food?

for me the situation is so bad, that it's way easier to legalize full uabetted free speech in china...

and of course that's 100% part of the plan of the new bolshevicks, the westovicks... or how do you want to call them...

chief among them barbara spectre lerner...

anyway, that's bad for my health... it ruins my day...

the reality on the ground where the ants move dictates how the fundation stand... or as she said, why don't they eat brioche? fair question, your majesty, they don't want bread, they want you dead, as we all do,

and the court, in outrage, expressing anger, pretending the had the strength to cut head, was killed. all of them. and their children.

to the greatest hero of the whole of soviet union, those who killed those pretending to be tsars, while shaming them for not having been able to transition to true liberation, a georgian, at least, knew, who do they pretend to be, chosen by whom? lol...

funny, when they said to joseph, staline, you are a goy, a slave, to serve us...

how do you laugh in georgia?

and as the saying goes accross the floors, there is no looting in japan... even less in taiwan (status quo at all cost, taiwan / kmt part of the living legacy / peace , harmony, respect / and cultural exchanges 7 vacations :) but never forget you didn't win it, it's given to you, be worthy of it, it's exceptional, and I like the divergence roguyness who knows they may come great thing like gmo virus attack handling, but never dare to foment trouble, to the mainland...).

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