We're sliding down the slippery slope into the gates of hell, lubricated by liberal lies!

Sometimes these posts are hard! This is one of those difficult ones. The Socialist in the United States of America are doing their dead level best to steal power, one of the moves they used was a false flag attack. This is consistent with the policies of their mentors, the National Socialist in 1930s Germany!

I will try to limit the links, because you can use search engines as well as I can. The national socialists in Germany dressed their own people up as Czechoslovakian soldiers, and attacked one of Germany's radio stations on the border. They used this attack to start World War II. To make sure that they were not found out, they used the simple expedient of killing all their own people dressed in Czech uniforms.

Today's Nazis simply dressed their shock troops up as Trump supporters. This allows them to blame President Trump for the violence they created on the 6th, just like the Nazis in Germany blamed the czechoslovakians. A true false flag attack!

It is now obvious and the violent people in DC on the 6th are from antifa and blm! Here is an article on an organizer that I've seen before.

Article on Liberal organizer at the capital inciting violence:

But of course the mainstream media is blind to the fact that this man hates President Trump as much as they do!

Sometimes they show their true colors, ABC is implying that conservatives are not just second-class citizens; but they are in fact subhuman. They're recommending that everyone that voted for President Trump, be 'cleansed' from our Republic. It's interesting to note that the Nazis in 1930s Germany were using the same term...'cleansing'!

Article on ABC saying trump supporters are sub human

Proof that the liberal facists want us dead!

And just so no one thinks that this is an isolated instance; here's another similar listing:

Article on other liberal terrorists 'i.d.'ed by photo in the Capital:


As an interesting side note this one also points out that the actual peaceful protesters we're allowed in to the 'people's house' (yes, WE own it), by the guards who allowed them access. The buildings were not stormed and this is on video, what's up there people did get angry when they were ordered out of the area do do a 'bomb' scare; but no one else was being evacuated!
A lot of people are getting very tired I'm being treated like they are second-class citizens.

It's also interesting to note, that the people actually causing the violence; escaped unscathed, while an unarmed woman was fatally shot in the neck! Non-lethal methods would have been effective, so this is Murder, if anyone is interested....

MSM clouding Babbit's murder by Capital police:


Did you imagine the blowback that would have occurred, if this woman had been a member of antifa or BLM; instead of 14 year Air Force veteran? I haven't heard that word one about any investigation shooting an unarmed civilian. Even though he was apparently saying 'you want some to' to the other people around her, while they were trying to stop the bleeding. There can be no excuse for this act!

The Liberals are we coming emboldened by there apparently successful theft a political power. Sadly as they follow their mentors the Nazis in Germany, they will now begin to attack their political opponents using the force of government. Here is one initial example, but it won't stop here!

BREAKING: Feds Just Raided GOP Offices


They know that they can do anything now, unchecked by The Ballot Box; with the mainstream media actively hiding their crimes!

They will begin killing those that politically opposed them, just like the National Socialist did in Germany! They've gone too far to back out now, SMH.

It has been common in politics, when you disagree with someone; the laser family out of it! This article is beginning to string out some so I'll make it brief but on Monday night Republican Senator John Hawley's family, in an attempt to intimidate him; was threatened at his house. I bet you won't hear That on the 'news'!

Guess what? The police did NOTHING about it...is anyone surprised?

The only place liberals want US United, is in a FEMA camp; or in the cemetery, either is an acceptable result for them!