Some thoughts on filling your freezer with free pork, when the grocery shelves are empty!

One option that people are not thinking about with grocery supply problems is hunting. Feral Hogs are a common problem, and most states have an open season on them. Oklahoma is one of these states, and they are trying to slow the problem by unlimited hunting. Since a pig can yield over 100 pounds of meat, and you can shoot any quantity; you figure it out!

One Caveat; I personally do not eat pork, so this is for you, not me!

Image from article:
These are mean and nasty animals, and you need to be careful!

Article on rifle size for pig hunts:

I personally prefer the top end sizes, and carry a .308, with a 20 round magazine!

A second consideration they miss in this article is a secondary weapon, CARRY ONE! The bigger the better, I use a .357 Magnum revolver; for fast reliable response.

In this article they recommend:

The mid calibers – 25WSSM, 6.5 Grendel, 260 Rem, and the AK-47 all have excellent pig-killing characteristics. The thirty calibers: 308, 300WSM, and Russian 7.62x54R are lethal and a good choice for the bigger pigs and hogs. The 338 Lapua Magnum works quite well – no need to explain why.

Feral pigs and hogs are tough animals and tend to be fatter than a deer. The vital area is a little different also; when shot through the rib cage, the bullets holes will often get plugged up, causing some difficulty in recovery. A head or neck shot means the swine is dead right there.

It is best to take them at long range; it increases your response time, and confuses the pigs. It reduces the chance of personal attacks, and allows you to take more of them.

When you have extra, your neighbors will appreciate an extra 100 plus pounds of meat; and may even share their excess with you.

The feral hog population is booming. Since there’s no shortage, in most places there are no seasons and no limits. Something to think about during the covid-19 madness and you are in local store looking at bare shelves. Instead of filling your grocery cart, go home and dust off that pig rifle and put it to work filling your freezer, and your neighbors’.

It also gets you out in Nature, at a safe social distance....

If you are able, this meat can be cold packed and pressure canned, so a large quantity can be put to good use and stored long term, without refrigeration.

Unusual, but very effective 'grocery' store!

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