How long a lock down is too long, and why are we still locked down, with numbers trending down abruptly?

We were originally told that we had to lengthen the infection timeline to reduce the medical surge (flatten the curve) so our limited hospital facilities could provide care to those so unlucky as to become infected.

We saw instead, a low grade contagion, with a small mortality rate; published as a major killer! we also saw hospitals canceling life saving surgeries to allow the needed space for the Chronavirus. Now we see healthcare professionals being laid off for lack of work!

Are you mad at being lied to yet?

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They nailed it here, Liberty and Freedom ARE essential functions; and not negotiable!

Article on lock down:

They are extending lock downs in a number of liberal States in spite of the Fact that flatting the 'curve' further makes zero sense; when we are laying off healthcare workers, because our hospitals are empty!

Everyone agrees that this virus will spread anyway, and there is not an inoculation against it. So the ONLY reason was the loading on our Hospital system. Since this system is demonstrably unloaded, and laying good people off; it is time to end this foolishness!

The low down on this debacle from this article:

My Democrat governor, Roy Cooper, just canceled school for the rest of the year and extended our ludicrous, pointless, statewide, one-size-fits-all lockdown to May 8.


There’s no good answer.

Among others, all of California, Michigan, Hawaii, and Wisconsin are locked down through the end of May. Oregon is locked down until July 6!

Does every Hospital have to have a skeleton staff, with almost total shut down, before these Idiots get the message?

Legionnaire's disease had thirty to fifty time the mortality rate, and was highly communicable, yet we did nothing special for treating it. People died, and we moved on; and it was only a bump on the radar, now almost forgotten!

THIS virus will be Long remembered, not for the good people who died, but for those who will die from the economic damages, from the shut down! This disaster is yet to come, and will be ignored and deliberately confused by those who hate us with a passion; and want us dead (AKA the MSM and liberal politicians)!

This is why Freedom is so very important! Tyranny can't exist when Freedom flourishes, sadly the reverse is true! I, for one don't want anything to do with Tyranny...and I insist on Freedom!

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