Current views on the Covid 19 virus, some of this information will surprise you.

There is so much disinformation on the medical problems related to the Covid 19, I will try to clear up some with facts!

First, let me address the call for shut-down until full inoculations are available. We are NOT in kindergarten people! While an inoculation is a good idea to pursue, it is not reasonable. Covuid 19 is similar to the common cold, and inoculation for that has eluded medicine for a full half a century! So shutting down to wait is INSANE!

The last issue here is that the Covid 19 is, like the common cold, a moving target. It has already mutated in Texas, and we are 49 years behind on the inoculation on the First variant!

Video on the mutated Chronavirus in Houston:

This doctor is calling on 'masks' even though HE knows that is a placebo, and is relatively useless!

Article from the CDC on the Chronavirus:

Here we see that even with illegally inflated numbers on Covid 19, the CDC finds that we are not in a pandemic, in fact we are not even in an epidemic; because the number just can't support that definition.

They still rattle the bones and warn of a second wave; But they have even included people shot to death as a Covid 19 fatality! But these artificially inflated numbers will not even support the epidemic designation!

Fear over an impending second wave of cases and subsequent deaths due to COVID-19 has generated caution in reopening businesses. In the parts of the country that have reopened, however, death rates haven’t widely spiked.

Despite the United States reaching its highest single-day surge of new COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, the death rate continues to remain stagnant, relatively unaffected by the increase in diagnoses. Cases have increased for week 26 in most regions nationally, but still remain lower than peaks in March and April.

While policymakers toy with the idea of a second shutdown, the CDC is reporting a lower death rate even while COVID-19 cases are recently on the rise.

The second wave is also artificial in that testing has improved, and a lot of the 'second' numbers are people that have already had and beat the virus. Most are NOT new cases, proven by the continued reduction in fatalities.

Here are hard numbers, on the chronavirus that I published before they were willing to admit they were full of crap:

This has been Political from day one, NOT medical! The numbers we have been given, have not made sense; even from the very start! Those responsible for this, need to be jailed for professional incompetence!

NOW for the last nail in the Covid 19 coffin; NONE OF THESE actions will protect any of us from catching Covid 10! ALL of this crap is only POSSIBLY able to spread out the time of infections to avoid overload of our healthcare system. With all the errors and deliberate lies, a significant portion of our Healthcare workers were layed off, for lack of patients!

There is no excuse for this level of incompetence! Especially when it is deliberate, from taxpayer paid professionals; and is intended to do us harm! As a minimum, they need to be fired and permanently banned from public service....

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