A Pro-Life Graduation Ceremony is Cyber attacked by small minded individuals; because they are so intolerant!

A Graduation Ceremony planned for students who believe in the importance of pro-life; was cyber attacked by liberals using graphic pornography and Nazi Images.

As expected, the bile in their hearts is vomited out, instead of debate! Projection is the most common method to to attack others, by blaming them for their secretly held personal beliefs.

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The tolerance of the liberals on display for all to see!

Article on this liberal attack on those they disagree with:

It is impossible for liberals to respect opposing views; and their tolerance is non-existent! They feel it is their right to destroy all that they do not agree with. THIS is the true Nazi Fascists baring their souls; by copying their soul mates from the 1930s in Germany. This is exactly what the Nazi party would have done in the same situation.

Students for Life of America, the biggest pro-life youth organization in the country, had its virtual graduation event ruined by trolls on Wednesday. The event, which took place via online video conference, was “zoom bombed” by trolls who replaced the broadcast stream with graphic pornography, including gay pornography, and Nazi graphics and imagery.

They are not able to debate, and they can not accept alternate views; so they scream them down. This only galvanizes those so abused, and increases polarization; eventually forcing violence, as sure as gravity!

They make it impossible to respect their position, by refusing to respect other's beliefs.

“Just have a commencement address for @StudentsforLife for all the wonderful pro-life students who were unable to have a graduation…” she said. “We were hacked & zoom bombed with gay pornography & Nazi images…But you know what? WE WON’T STOP FIGHTING FOR LIFE.”

>This is what pro-abortion advocates do.

 >They refuse to debate.

>They refuse to recognize the dignity of life.

>Satan attacks that which threatens him the most.

>You know what threatens Satan?

>Courageous young people standing up for LIFE, being a voice for the most vulnerable.

>— Liz Wheeler (@Liz_Wheeler) May 21, 2020


Fascists respect no one else, but themselves! They must destroy all opposition, at any cost; because they are unable to convince others using Logic or normal persuasion . They can only 'win' by total domination, or destruction. These are Evil people doing Evil things!

“At a graduation celebration where we were discussing the challenges we face in this moment, these hackers proved the point that the Pro-Life Generation has to be resilient and ready to face obstacles, including the real ugliness and disregard for women that abortion advocates like this have,” she said.

Zoom bombings have become increasingly common during lockdown, as trolls look for new ways to make other people miserable and entertain themselves.

These hackers have simply proven their own intolerance, and the obvious Fact that they Must NOT be allowed to control even a Popsicle stand! They are kindergarten children, pouting and throwing finger paint; and putting glue in the nice little girl's hair....

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