The Corona Diaries pt1

The media has done a great job at promoting the virus but there are many that are questioning the narrative. It is becoming more obvious by the day the pandemic is being politicized, marketed and is the 21st century version of Duck and Cover.

I find it interesting and disappointing that humans are so easily controlled and manipulated while simultaneously being heavily oppressed. This model has continued flawlessly throughout recorded history. But this time they seem to be loosing to a growing group that see's the plandemic for what it is.

The lack of knowledge and critical thinking seem to leave the door wide open for this propaganda and there is no sign of it ever closing.

You have to give them credit for the remarkable work they have done over the last 100 year at developing a continuous stream of fear. Have you ever considered how they are able to pull these things off? Consider the planning and resources it takes for a high school class trip to Disney Land. Months of planning, raising money, developing schedules coordinating hotels, travel, I could go on and on and still many things will go wrong on the trip. The project management team required to build a building or bridge is significant and these project often are late, go over budget or have people seriously injured. Yet within weeks the entire world elites and governments are singing the same tune regardless of politicize party. And once again the very people being crushed by this are mostly falling inline with the narrative while many are not. The perfect position pitting one group against another.

We will see how this plays out over the coming weeks and months, but the devastation to society is incalculable.



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