Is Bill Gates a symbol of centralization?

I do disagree that Bill Gates is, or has ever been, an admirable person insofar as his business history indicates. My information regarding Bill Gates began in the 1980s, when I used CP/M to network computers in Austin, TX. DR DOS had arisen to compete with CP/M as an operating system at the time, and Gates worked with DR DOS long enough to steal their code, and release it as DOS under Microsoft's label.

He later worked with Apple Computer on their GUI for Macintosh systems, which he promptly stole and rebranded as Windows under the Microsoft label.

Microsoft Windows became essential to corporations because of deception Bill Gates undertook of the hacker community. Free speech advocates have long shared information they believed was improperly restricted by copyright and otherwise. When computers began becoming popular, they began to share programs, such as operating systems, that were protected by copyright as well.

The above paragraph is a quote from @valued-customer. @valued-customer's claim was completely different from the expression of Bill Gates as a hero in Korean media, broadcasting and publishing. In Korea, Bill Gates is recognized as a great genius and hero who created and led the fourth industrial revolution. However, @valued-customer portrays Bill Gates as an immoral character. Koreans try to imitate him by making numerous publications and broadcasts of Bill Gates' life, achievements, and successes. I thought Bill Gates was a hero, but i was rather shocked because @valued-customer claimed Bill Gates to be an immoral person.

However, I learned that Bill Gates created a hacker community and became rich in an immoral way.

Bill Gates was a member of the hacker community as a child, and was very familiar with their policies, and dominance in the nascent field of programming. Knowing they would copy his software and use it, he undertook a strategy based on two mechanisms. First, he made Windows software trivially easy to copy and use. Second, he became a very visible advocate of copyright, and principal contributer to the BSA (Business Software Alliance) that worked to criminalize and prevent copying software and digital content.

He knew that hackers, who were the consultants and programmers Fortune 500 companies relied on to design and maintain their IT systems, would be outraged by his public statements and political actions regarding digital information. He knew they would copy and use his software, particularly because they were angry at him, which he had made the best available by stealing it from the best developers. As a hacker himself, he well understood that using his software created dependence on it. You can't run Apple programs on Windows, nor software for other operating sytems, at least you couldn't at the time, although VMs and multiboot has been developed since then.

He made his software easy to copy and use despite his public statements that he was against copying and using software. Hackers that did so made it available to the public, and if the process of 'cracking' it was too difficult, ordinary users would be prevented from using it. He wanted it to be easy for them to steal.

I was poor at English so I couldn't understand the top paragraph. However, it was clear that Bill Gates used hackers' piracy to expand his business and become the world's richest man. In the end, Bill Gates was originally a hacker, creating a hacker community and becoming the world's richest man.

However, the Korean media ignores the fact that Bill Gates was a hacker and promotes it as a great genius. Rather, it was propagated that hacker activity helps develop as a programmer.

Korea's ruling class shouted that Bill Gates' centralization of power created Korea's development and prosperity. So, they are building a centralized centralization linking smartphones and computers together. The centralization that @valued-customer opposes is being built by the Korean ruling class. Koreans are thus censored and deleted.

Currently, there are no scholars and researchers in Korea who oppose centralization like @valued-customer.
So, the Korean Internet is always censored, deleted, and leaked personal information.

The Korean government, corporations, and schools were helpless against American hackers because they followed Bill Gates' decision. The majority of Koreans follow the claims of Bill Gates and Justin Sun. They have never heard of @valued-customer's claim.

Most Koreans yearn and follow the rich who just give money.

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