WHO Dr. Ryan- Coronavirus May be here to Stay- Crafting a Narrative


"Those who would give up security for liberty will deserve neither and lose both"
-Benjamin Franklin

The WHO has played a role in the protocols by which we classify and assess risk for viruses. COVID-19 was ranked as a "3" out of 4 in terms of community health risk, and is managed as a BSL-2 when testing. Now, they are pushing fear along with the rest of the global governance community.

Dr. Ryan of the WHO stated recently that the Coronavirus is "here to stay".

The coronavirus vaccine is being created by a number of high-profile drug manufacturers, and treatments are in the pipeline as well. We have been in lockdown for months, and flattening the curve happened, but it is being insinuated in the media and by "officials" that this will happen again, and we need to be locked down for a long time. Have we given up liberty for a globalized "security" that has largely failed us?

What does this all mean for concerned citizens? The media, the fourth estate, has been working overtime to scare the population into hiding and has done wonders to perpetuate anecdotal cases and symptoms. From sensationalist headlines that leave out key facts about comorbidities and one-off scenarios to wild speculation about the future, the media has been very useful in this field.

The founding fathers would not have wanted us to give up our nation's liberty for the whims of fear-mongering media companies and errant doctor's opinions. Our economic is in ruins and the social fabric and cohesion of our nation is at risk. We have up liberty for security, and now we get neither.




Image from Pixabay.

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