Where we go from here- Riots and Lockdowns


The past year has been a time of trials. We need to rise to the occasion or we will fall as a nation.

The arrest of the CNN journalist was a bad omen for our nation. We criticize the impediment of the free press, and this was a sign we were losing control of that freedom.

Five months of lockdown, the overblown pandemic, the warp speed vaccine development and now these riots show we need to rise to this challenge as a nation or fall.

The media and those who hold power want us to be divided. This is a fact. A nation united against tyranny will not fall, like reeds in a bundle. Do not be divided, and seek liberty and freedom.

Rest assured the people will rise to the challenge. Stay strong and do not listen to the drum beat of the media. Unite and be strong.

Image from Pixabay.

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