Use the Pandemic to Level Up- Use the Crisis to Leave the Marix


Who I Used to Be:

Years ago, I was a different man than I am today. I went through a period of growth and introspection that some may refer to as a "monk" period.

I used to eat up popular media, entertainment and television. My bread and butter was a mixture of sitcoms, action movies and cartoons. I was an overgrown man child, 30-pounds overweight and utterly without care. That all changed during the financial crisis of 2008 (the Great Recession).

I lost my intended job, and went to work for the government. It was an "Obama job", but physically challenging in the desert. There I began to learn. I took note of the banking giants who betrayed us and the government who, asleep at the wheel did not take note of the corruption.

I lost the weight, stopped watching TV, stopped mindless interactions and partying. I read, exercised, worked hard and pondered. I rebooted my life over a period of time, and came to abandon the narrative of a nation transformed and in a trance.

I learned to use logic over emotions, to be introspective and to seek both sides of an argument. I learned that getting in touch with nature was important, as wa physical conditioning. Diabetes and heart disease kill so many, and we are preyed upon by industrial food giants.

Take time during the pandemic to awaken from your slumber. Learn the hard and real lessons that our society tries to hide. You'll thank me for it.

Image from Pixabay.

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