Antifa Creates a New Autonomous Zone, this Time in Portland, My Perspective as a Citizen


Have you heard about CLAT? In a similar fashion to Seattle's CHOP/CHAZ, Antifa has set up another autonomous zone.

The short-lived CHOP in Seattle resulted in two murders, one of which was a 14-year old child and a slew of shooting, violence and property destruction. Previous attempts at the creation of an autonomous zone in Portland was thwarted by the police.

The CLAT is located by the Pioneer Courthouse Square, which is located in the center of town. It stands for the Chinook Land Autonomous Territory, and is similarly setup to CHAZ. Barricades and signs denote the zone's borders, and the same lawlessness will likely occur there that occurred at CHAZ.

Why is the city of Portland allowing this camp to operate, given the dangerous precedent set at the Seattle CHOP zone? Given my unique perspective, as a citizen of both cities at one time, the overly permissive atmosphere of these cities often ends in tragedy and misallocation of funds.

Most citizens do not want this. Antifa has set up another dangerous precedent that will be used by others when they attempt to set up another camp. It is this lawlessness that will not help move the needle.

We are facing a huge problem during the Pandemic, and it is in the form in a move to a cashless society, government tyranny, the damage done to our economy by lockdown and the intervention of the deep state. This setup of autonomous zones only distracts people from these real creeping issues that seek to lock us down in more ways than one.


Image from Pixabay.

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