The Clinton Crime Family (Foundation)... Bigger Than You Think

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I've been researching the Clintons since the 1990's when then President Bill Clinton put his wife in charge of devising a healthcare plan for the country. I've maintained all along that behind that "good ol boy" facade is that Bill is an absolute genius when it comes to money laundering. Beginning with ADFA (the Arkansas Development Finance Authority) and culminating with the myriad tentacles of the Clinton Foundation his ability to flim flam has evolved into a political/financial mechanism that would be the envy of any tyrant. When it comes down to who's the most corrupt between the power couple, it's a toss-up... I'd parse it like this- Bill's about the money and Hillary's about the power.

We tend to look at the Clinton Foundation as a monolithic entity with several subsidiaries such as the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), currently under investigation by the Dept. of Justice and FBI for their ties to Medicaid fraud in Arkansas and elsewhere. To view it as such would be to vastly underestimate the size and scope of the Clinton machine and the complexity thereof... the Clinton Foundation is more akin to a hydra consisting of many, many heads each with an individual purpose.

Corey Lynn, from Corey's Digs tells us that "Many of these organizations are indeed still operating, while others have dissolved or “merged”, as they like to refer to it. The majority of this information comes directly from their tax returns (990s), and the remainder from further research in digging through their websites. Below is an alphabetical listing of all of their organizations with notes next to a handful of them." 

 Before getting to the list, there are two very important pieces of information to include. First, there are ongoing investigations by the FBI into the Clinton Foundation in at least 4 states. Second, on page 294 of the IG report it states: Hillary Clinton & Foundation – Crime against children. It does not indicate which foundation they are referring to, but based on previous research, all are suspect. It wouldn't make sense given the behavior of the Clintons that only one or two out of 50 sub-foundations would be involved in questionable/criminal activities while the others were uninvolved.

Coleman refers to Randy Coleman, FBI Counter-Intelligence Investigator.

This is the list of foundations, initiatives, etc. that are a part of the Clinton Foundation:


  1. Asseco Training Center: in Cartagena Colombia, opened in 2013, only it doesn’t really exist
  2. Bush-Clinton Haiti Fund: registered 1/28/10 and dissolved 12/27/12
  3. Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
  4. Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)
  5. Clinton Development Initiative (CDI)
  6. Clinton Family Foundation: in NY registered in 2001
  7. Clinton Foundation: in AR registered 1998
  8. Clinton Foundation: in Hong Kong registered 2014
  9. Clinton Foundation: in Haiti
  10. Clinton Foundation: in Sweden
  11. Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CFHAI): bogus company run under CF
  12. Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP): in Canada (Frank Giustra)
  13. Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI)
  14. Clinton Global Citizens Award (CGCA)
  15. Clinton Global Initiative (CGI): in AR registered 2005
  16. Clinton Global Initiative Asia (CFIA)
  17. Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU)
  18. Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI): Claim to be around since 2002, registration in MA not until 2009
  19. Clinton Health Matter Initiative (CHMI)
  20. Clinton Hunter Development Initiative (CSBI)
  21. Clinton Institute (CI)
  22. Clinton Small Business Initiative (CSBI)
  23. Ciudad Verde Amarilo Triada Frailejon III: in Bogota
  24. Forty Two (FT)
  25. No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project
  26. Onward Together: Hillary’s most recent scandal
  27. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation (Alliance): started by the CF and American Heart Association
  28. The Clinton Initiatives (TCI)
  29. The Clinton Museum Store (TCMS)
  30. Too Small to Fail
  31. William J. Clinton Foundation (Kenya) Charity Trust: in Nairobi
  32. William J. Clinton Foundation UK: in London – dissolved on 10/10/17
  33. William J. Clinton Foundation (WJCF)
  34. William J. Clinton Presidential Center (CPC)
  35. WJC Investments (William Jefferson Clinton, for profit)
  36. WJC LLC (William Jefferson Clinton, for profit)


Below Are A List Of The Clintons’ LLCs, LTDs, And SAs:


  1. Haiti Development Fund LLC: in NY (50% ownership)
  2. Acceso Fund LLC: in NY (50% ownership)
  3. Acceso Ofertal Local: in Colombia (fruit/vegetable supply)
  4. Acacia Development CO: in NY (investment)
  5. Acceso Worldwide Fund Inc.: in NY (investment)
  6. Fondo Acceso Sas: in Colombia – subsidiary of Acceso Fund LLC
  7. Acceso Cashew Enterprise Ltd: in Maharashtra  IN (cashew company)
  8. Tukula Farmin Company Ltd: Operates in Kasungu Malawi and Mchinji
  9. Moyo Nuts and Seeds Ltd: in Limbe MI
  10. Moyo Development Company: in Africa
  11. Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corp: in Haiti (false address and doesn’t exist)
  12. Acceso Boyaca SA: in Colombia (50% ownership)
  13. Chakipi Acceso SA: in Lima PE (50% ownership)
  14. Ruaha Development Co Ltd: in Upanga Tanzania

As you can see, the Clinton Foundation is a complex organization with numerous subsidiaries worldwide. It's also most likely that these entities are registered in places other than the United States (I'm going to begin investigating them individually). One thing is certain- this list shows the genius of Bill Clinton when it comes to hiding/laundering money. Hopefully the investigation into the Medicaid fraud in Arkansas is only the beginning. Ironic isn't it that a foundation with a charter that is limited to building a library is so vast in power and scope.

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