IQs and Perception in the information war

A little thought on perception and IQs....I find analysis of it, along with social media, fascinating...
I have found in my own perceiving throughout life, that certain humans think certain ways based a combination of factors in their environment, combined with their inherited genetic mental abilities. Not a grand discovery or anything like that, commonly shared among those that analyze the subject....but look at it this way:

Here we are on a social media platform, viewing content created by humans (mostly). There are some on here that seem ‘smart’ and some that seem ‘stupid’. If you were to eliminate your ego from the equation, what is it that makes our perception see one as 'smart or stupid'?

Let’s say, you are a human who just took a standard commonly accepted “IQ test” and you scored a whopping 110!!. You are above the average 100 for sure. You have some confidence. You can’t help it, you’re human after all right? You know that, according to the ‘test’, you are ‘more intelligent’ than well over half the population.....What happens to you next, depends on your ego..

You may develop a sense of superiority, or you may not. From what I have witnessed however, is a form of ‘Dunning Kruger Effect’ type phenomena happening, around a certain range of “IQ”. Around 105-115 “IQ” to be more precise. There seems to be (mostly anecdotal observation) a certain tendency for folks in this range, to exhibit quite a few traits that stand out above the rest. Seemingly, smart enough to see they are somewhat smarter than average, but not smart enough to see that, they know nothing.

  • Tends to outright reject not just religion, but a ‘creator’ of any form, and also tends to criticize those that do not outright reject a ‘creator’. Many in the ‘Atheist’ camp fall into this range I suspect.
  • Tends to reject any Truth, that did not arise from their own discovery, due to previously mentioned superiority complex (Dunning Kruger). They seem to think that someone else couldn't have discovered it, unless it was an 'authority figure', like a corrupt alphabet agency or the mainstream media.
  • Tends to dismiss and criticize even those far higher on the “IQ” scale, due to the new knowledge they were not aware of being instantaneously considered “crazy” or “nutty” or “impossible” etc...

There are many other anomalies I won’t go into yet. does not only apply to that range IQ. Just seems more concentrated there. I believe that the so called 'Liberal Media' focuses on that range, to spread disinformation and division most effectively. For these types will gravitate towards the groups that live by media sound bites, becoming a collective force of followers with a superiority complex.


Now, for another perspective.
Imagine, you have an above avg “IQ” say 110.. You meet someone with an 80 IQ at your work. By standards, I believe, <75 is considered ‘mentally handicapped’? So, imagine having a conversation with your 80 IQ friend. Maybe this friend is like, the beloved ‘Forrest Gump’? Aww, he is so nice and innocent, and magical, right? But, what do you think of his intelligence? What if you met a non-popular 80 IQ human, and hung out with them for a while? This human is ‘30 points’ below your “IQ”, and they seem rather 'stupid' to you....

Now, imagine that you have a 140 “IQ”. Your new friend has a 110 “IQ”. 30 points lower than yours....seemingly ‘mentally handicapped’.....That new friend is the one going around thinking they are ‘superior’ and that everyone else is an idiot, including you..You tell them that the mainstream media is reinforcing lies, and incorrect data. They laugh at your suggestions, because they think you are 'out there' or 'crazy'...
and you, being in the 140 IQ range, are in the vast minority...

Now you get to test your patience instead of your IQ.

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