The Information War is On - Fight Censorship


I believe on the Battlefield of Truth, Info Warriors at every level should be in high spirits despite the recent Censorship from Social Media Giants, Facebook and YouTube. We have come so far in the last 10 years. I believe we are now the mainstream and reached the tipping point where censorship can not contain Truth based on our numbers and experience in the #informationwar.

I researched quite a bit on the U.S. Government and Weaponizing Social Media. What I learned is that our Government and the Corporate Establishment has spent Billion of Dollars investigating how to control an Information War, even including a Meme Division at the Pentagon. The end result is that either their talent pool is extremely weak from Nepotism and retaining passive drones in their ranks, or they with all their power and all their money can not contain The Truth Army.

The most powerful, wealthy, and resourceful, and I should add corporate controlled country in the world, can no longer contain the mainstream narratives of lies and shadows. Their scripted presenters get before the camera every night in multi million dollar TV Studios and no one is listening... Crickets

Made worse is the fact that after wasting trillions of dollars in the present day control grid. The global population has switched over to Decentralizing Platforms on Social Media. Some believe the system created Social Networking as the ultimate form of information control, but this network has proven to be their undoing.

With YouTube and Facebook resorting to outright Censorship they have proven to the world that they have lost control. Billions of dollars in coding Algorithms and the only way to silence truth is to shut it off completely. What must be even more frustrating to the establishment is that the harder they censor and bury the truth, the more cohesive the community becomes, and the more larger segments of society open their eyes to see what it is the system is trying so hard to hide.

This week of censorship maybe a way to scientifically measure our numbers. I often suspected that the Alternative News Media, which includes the Alt. Right, as a whole has reached a majority tipping point and with Donald Trump winning the Republican Primary marked the beggining of the end for the Global Cabal, which had The Neo-cons on the right, and the Soros Leftists on the left, working under a common goal no matter which party had control of the system. The outcome and agenda was still the same.

The greatest tool we have in this censorship fight is we still are decentralized and we can each independently continue to broadcast our Truth Broadcasts. We can continue to share the message, start new Facebook Pages, Start new You Tube channels. We can rebroadcast episodes of shows with closed channels. Many of us have been at this for 10 years or better and remember the time when sharing information independently was the only way we could get the message out. This new Censorship means very little will change for any of us, and there are millions of us ready to fill the gap in the #Information War




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