Now it's time to spread the voice: The INFOWARS censorship can lead truth seekers to Steem! Maybe DLive?

As it was reported, Alex Jones and Infowars Content Is Taken Down by Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify. I believe this move from them was expected. But it also is a golden opportunity for us, to talk about the benefits of decentralized media.

So I wrote them in their page about us:

Here's what I wrote:

"Hi Guys! I just want to write you guys as part of the Steem Community. I'm pretty sure that someone already wrote you guys to recommend our decentralized platform to spread the voice. But I feel the need to be one more voice to talk to you about it, not from a technical point of view, but from my experience of many months there.

The steem community has been growing fast in the last year. We now are more than a million users worldwide. We rely on many ways to produce writing and media content of diverse topics. From tech, to music, to politics, and more. Our content gets rewarded depending on quality, and engagement from their users. We have many pages that display our content, they are often called DApps. Specifically, I want to recommend one of them: DLive.

DLive is the first decentralized live streaming platform hosted on the steem blockchain. DLive has become home to streamers from all areas of content creation, from gaming to lifestyle vlogging. We often see YouTube, or Facebook, or Apple, or Twitch users being judged on their content by the company itself. At DLive, the Community votes whether content can be voted or not, this can be done through upvoting and flagging on the Steem blockchain, but even if it's flagged, it's not removed. That's the power of decentralized media. DLive also aims to create a platform where all content creators can feel appreciated and monetize their original content, without any fees involved.

This streaming platform is really improving and adding new features day by day. Signing up is easy, you just have to sign up to the steem blockchain. That signup, depending on the time of the approval of the account, can be free, or you can pay a small and only fee (about $10-15), to have it right away. That money you pay is used to boost your influence on the platform and you can claim it back whenever you want.

I hope you find this information useful, and I invite you guys to seriously check it out. I believe the future of our freedom to express our ideas depend on decentralized media.

Carry on!"

I firmly believe that, in order to keep growing, we have to get big guys here. I actually don't agree with everything that INFOWARS releases as news or whatever they do. But if we tolerate censorship to people we don't agree on, there's gonna be a time that we could be victims of that also.

So, if you want to write to INFOWARS and talk about DLive and Steem blockchain, you can do that here. Help spread the voice!

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