Even liberals didn't know it was "derogatory," why should conservatives be required to keep up with what the left sees that way?

This has gotten beyond ludicrous. I can now be censored into oblivion for using terms that HuffPo contributors didn't even know were politically incorrect:


If liberals think I am going to bother myself to try to keep up with how/when/why they make the terms they create "derogatory," they got another thing coming.

Oh...and btw...I am being told today by someone who apparently has my main accuser and serial/automated downvoter's ear that what you see happening on my blog the past 26 hours is NOT CENSORSHIP...lol.... So, we can all take comfort in that...lol...

Also, my accuser was apparently also "triggered" by my careful explanation that I am not anti-Muslim, and that I was not calling out a freshman Congresswoman's degrading of her office and the office of The President of the United States (by calling the President a "mother f---er") simply on the basis of her religion. Despite taking inordinate care, my accuser still feels that I was somehow being anti-Muslim for insisting I am not anti-Muslim.

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