RE: Reality Indeed is Stranger Than Fiction – Thoughts on Western Propaganda 2020

Honestly, I am convinced that it's an underlying system so to say. Hollywood has always been used for propaganda purposes. «Operation Mockingbird» is interesting to look up. Or what the «Defense Department’s Film and Television Liaison Office» is about?!? ;)

Sadly, I believe you're right. I know you're right about the term "conspiracy theorist" and my gut knows you're right about the Olson twins. All of them. Society has always wondered why parents would give their children to movie productions. Even when you don't know about trauma-based mind control. Who gives their child to labor, right?
For a predator, this is already the best "material": A parent willing to give their child away for fame and fortune. Those are the unloved children who are so easily groomed. Our awareness may change it! 👍

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