The destruction of the family #2 | Communism aims to eliminate the family


Communism believes that family is a form of private property. Therefore, to remove private property, the family must also be eliminated.

The family

Marx admits that destroying the family is a thorny issue, even for revolutionaries. "Abolition of the family! Even the most radical burst into this infamous proposal of the Communists, "he writes.

But he said that the opponents of this idea do not understand a key fact about the family: "On what basis is the current family based, the bourgeois family? In the capital, in private gain. In its fully developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie, "he said.

For Marx, the end of the family would be relatively easy once bourgeois property was abolished. "The bourgeois family will vanish by routine when their complement is dissolved, and both will vanish with the disappearance of capital."


The original principle of communism considers economic factors as a key point in determining the type of family relationships formed. Contemporary Marxism-Freudism considers sexual desire to be the key to family-related issues. The common characteristic of these two ideologies is that they discard basic human morality and venerate materialism, desire and pragmatic interests. All of this simply turns humans into beasts. It is a twisted ideology that has the effect of destroying the family through the corruption of thought.

The fancifulic collusion that resides in the core of communism is the doctrine of the liberation of humanity. This does not manifest itself merely as a supposed liberation in the economic sense, but also as the liberation of humanity itself. The opposite of liberation, of course, is oppression. So where does the oppression that must be resisted come from? Communism's response is that oppression comes from people's own notions, which are imposed by traditional social morality: the patriarchy of the traditional family structure oppresses women; Traditional sexual morality oppresses human nature, and so on.

In the following generations, feminism and gay rights movements inherited and then expanded this communism-inspired theory of liberation. This leads to a string of concepts that oppose traditional marriage and family, as well as sexual liberation, homosexuality, and so forth. All these ideas have become tools used by the devil to undermine and destroy the family. Communism itself is against all traditional moral values and therefore wants to bring them down, as the Communist Manifesto clearly raises.



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