TRADE WAR: The Law of Unintended Consequences

In a trade war between the two largest economies of the World, there is a stalemate. Trump is beginning to give conciliatory signals. Did he give up subjugating disobedient China? That was never his aim…

All the stories about the “big bad China” which is mercilessly exploiting poor old U.S. of A, is just a bunch of… you know what. What is the real reason? Here it is in short:

Both parties, Republicans and Democrats, are just tools of corporations, puppets of the financial oligarchy. There is no left and right. It’s all a right-left scam. How can Democrats be “left” when they are fully in the pocket of megacorporations? Hillari Clinton has got 2 billion dollars for her campaigne from the richest persons, corporations and institutions (Goldman Sachs paid her ‘lectures’ with exorbitant amounts of money), and even Saudi capital had a serios cut into her presidential rush. That’s “left”? Don’t be ridiculous. But all the media propaganda was aimed just for those two candidates. Nobody with a humane idea could come close to elections. And Trump was elected on the promise he will pull the taxes down for the richest — again. In doing so, he made a considerable new hole in a federal state budget. How can it be patched? By taxing 99%, of course! But that must be done in a form they won’t see and rise a revolution. So, how it had to be done?

First, you start a story about China, which ‘steals technology’ and ‘exploits American tax payers’. The story is absurd in start, because the rules of trade were written by the U.S.A. And the U.S. corporations were eager to transfer production to China because of the cheap labour. You can’t transfer production without transferring technology. But that’s another story. Let’s go back to the sheeple shearing. After the story about the brave President who is defending his people against evil China, he starts trade war and put high tariffs to Chinese goods. What people do not understand is that tariffs are just another tax — on them! Every tariff actually brings price of goods up, and the difference is going to the federal budget. China is not paying. American tax payers are paying the price of trade war. And again, it can go just as long as the interests of megacorporations are not endangered. Trump’s conciliatory signs are limited by the profit margins of the corporations like Apple. That is why Tim Cook is camping with Trump since the beginning of the year…

The truth is that United States can bring China down. Unfortunately, they cannot do that without destroying themselves. Therefore, it’s a clinch that can’t be resolved by ‘win’ of one side and ‘lose’ of the other. The whole trade war changed nothing. Both parties have increased costs, but in the end, China’s trade surplus continues to grow. And if those two economies were isolated with each other, there wouldn’t be much damage to the rest of the world. But they aren’t isolated…

While they are competing in shearing their sheeple, the trouble will spill over into other parts of the World. Here is Frankfurt-based financial analyst Dr. Markus Krall, who is explaining why the EU will be an epicenter of the crisis:

Duration: 13:08

Meltdown have started in Argentina, and the debt ridden Japan and all states of EU (yes, even Germany) are full of economic tripwires that can initiate the crash. Just look at it — Greece is in factual default, Portugal and Spain are still hiding they are in default, all Italian banks are in default, Deutche Bank is in default, Germany has two quartals downfall, third will be an official recession, unrest in France with the economic background last 40 weeks already, we have massive immigration in EU with enormous rise of terrorism, and we have Brexit… Every of those events can trigger a global financial crisis. Take your pick.

So, trade war probably had some “isolated intentions”, but you never can wage a controlled war. It is not possible. Every war is carrying an unintended consequences. And this set of unintended consequences will wipe out that monstrous idea of society ruled by the hierarchical political matrix, forever…

* * *

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