THE WAR: Wrong Learned Lessons

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There is a wise saying that “the first casualty of war always is the Truth”. All wars start with big lies. Just look at the past two decades: Iraq, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and don’t forgot Ukraine… But the Truth also has an uncanny knack to strike back. In the recently revealed report about Afghanistan war “The Afghanistan Papers”, full of unpleasant truths, large part of it is publicized under title “Lessons Learned”. But are they really?

So, the truth about the longest war in U.S. history, Afghanistan war, has been leaked to the public. After two decades of “war on terrorism” and almost a trillion (yes, with a “T”) dollars spent, we have documents and testimonies of over 400 witnesses, over 2,000 pages of interviews and memos reveal a secret history of the war, about a massive lies, cover-ups and deliberate disinformations that kept the war going for so long. The documents open big questions all over the place…


The reason is quite simple. As we have explained earlier, capitalism has found the way to turn extermination of population into a multi-billion dollar “business”. This war is spanning mandates of three U.S. Presidents — George W. Bush, Barrack Obama, Donald Trump — and the story was always the same: “We are on the verge of win, Talibans (Al Qaeda, ISIS, anybody else…) doesn’t stand a chance, we are bringing hope and democracy to the Afghan people”. Rubbish. U.S. didn’t brought anything but death and destruction. And the same politics under three Presidents over two decades exactly means that U.S. Presidents are just clowns of corporate interests, paid to keep the lie of “imminent win” as long as possible. They do not create a policy. “Deep State” does.


And who opened watergates? At the first glance, the greatest surprise in this affair was that the story was launched by non other than — Washington Post! They made it under title “At War With the Truth” on Dec. 9th, and YouTube…

Duration: 17:36

But… isn’t the WaPo a part of a Deep State? Yes it is. How can it be then, that they published the Truth? Let me try to explain. The Republic in the United States does not exist any more. United States are run by big corporations, through the legalized mechanism of corruption called “lobbying” in Congress and Senate. Blob of big corpos fighting for influence is called Deep State. That “system” is worse than fascism, because fascism (with its many definitions) at least can define a coherent (albeit evil) policy. The problem with Deep State is that it can’t define a coherent and consistent policy. Inside the blob there is always internal fight for influence, and in that fight Big Corpos do not shy away from using the Truth if it is in their interest… or against the interest of oponent Corpo. So, how it happened that public now have full insight into “The Afghanistan Papers”?


The greatest chunk of Afghanistan trillion dollars tax payers price tag, goes to the pockets of big corpos from the military/industrial complex, intelligence community and big pharma corpos. Recently, Department of Defense (DoD — read military/industrial complex) has opened competition for a decade-long cud computing contract worth $10 billion, known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI. Silicon Valley giants, Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle were frontrunners in the race. And although Amazon was projected winner, DoD awarded JEDI contract to — Microsoft. Jeff Bezos, always hungry for more billions, launched an attack at the Washington Administration, and soon after, by the middle of November Amazon filed a formal complaint to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Nothing helped.

And so, while the clown with the POTUS title was giving his Thanksgiving speech at the Afghanistan Bagram Air Base, stating brazen nonsenses like for example: “We are doing a tremendous job”, or “America is winning like never before in history!” — Bezos was compiling a revenge facts. More details with Duran’s commentators, Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou:

Duration: 29:48

Lessons Learned?

Well, if you expect Deep State will learn a lesson that it is not their job to intervene in the countries all over the World, then you are sorely wrong. Remember Vietnam? The “lessons learned” from Vietnam were like this:

  • There should be a tighter control over media
  • There must not be any reports on U.S. Army casualties overseas
  • The Army must be professional, ’cause capitalism will always supply enough desperate people without family, who will be ready to kill and die for a few nice promises
  • Professional Army needs an easy and unlimited access to fundings for war through fraudulent fiat financial system, and without any state control

And there you have all the lessons learned… they led to a whole bunch of interventions since Richard Nixon revoked gold-backing for a U.S. dollar on August 15th 1971. Afghanistan, the longest U.S. war in history, started on October 7th 2001, under the code name “Operation Enduring Freedom” (sic!) and kept that name until it was completely worn out in 2014, and then changed it to “Operation Freedom's Sentinel”. It should actually be called “Operation Poppy Sentinel”, because the data speaks for itself:


Poppy cultivation by the data of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in “Afghanistan opium survey 2018”

Not even corporate media (like “The Guardian”) could evade touching the topic: “How the heroin trade explains the US-UK failure in Afghanistan”

“Despite almost continuous combat since the invasion of October 2001, pacification efforts have failed to curtail the Taliban insurgency, largely because the US simply could not control the swelling surplus from the country’s heroin trade. Its opium production surged from around 180 tonnes in 2001 to more than 3,000 tonnes a year after the invasion, and to more than 8,000 by 2007.”

From 180 to more than 8,000 tonnes by 2007… that would be close to 50 fold in just first six years! Oh, they DO “control the swelling surplus from the country’s heroin trade” alright! Meanwhile, U.S. & NATO soldiers are killing Afghanistans, and then kill themselves if they come back home (22 is a daily average) And then, the poppy they are guarding in Afghanistan kills over 70,000 U.S. citizens since 2017!


BTW, do you know which country is the largest producer of morphine for the last 150 years? Yes, it is the United Kingdom, one of “Five Eyes” and “Five Ears” countries engaged in Afghanistan…

Instead of conclusion

After all things said and done, I will leave the conclusion to you. What do you think will be a “lesson learned” from this accident? I’m perfectly sure you can do it on your own, but I guess they would “learn” this lesson: “Never cross the richest person in the World if you want to continue undisturbed bombing all over the place!”

I would just like to remind you of a few more things. First would be the wise words of George Orwell, “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” The second is a historic fact that global empires since the British Empire, go to Afghanistan quagmire to die. And the third one that you should never forget:

Don’t forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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