THE WAR: United Corporations of America vs. Iran

A new 2020 year started with the hottest January since WWII (Cuban crisis lasted just 13 days in hottest October 1962). Persian Gulf is boiling. Can it become even hotter?

After a several completely mindless&senseless statements of the top U.S. officials, like this one…

“We took action last night to stop a war. We did not take action to start a war.”
— Donald Trump

…or this one by the U.S. State Secretary Mike Pompeo, reported by Reuters…

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with local media in India on Wednesday that the United States had done everything it could to de-escalate tensions with Iran.

…last night, exactly at 1:20 — the time when U.S. Army assassinated General Qassem Soleimani six days ago, in the operation dubbed “Martyr Soleimani”, Iran launched two waves with 22 ballistic rockets at two Iraqi military bases hosting U.S. and NATO troops… I guess their message would be: “OK, now we are de-escalating!”

Duration: 16:14

You would say there’s going to be a major escalation now. After all, Iranians stated “80 dead American soldiers and 200 wounded”. From the U.S. and NATO side, they say nobody got killed. You really can’t trust either side, because they are in the “war propaganda mode”. Let’s see what picture can we puzzle up from the scarce facts we got.

First fact was — Trump’s tweet:


What?! No threats of obliteration? Only more bragging with the greatest armed forces in the World… which, BTW, didn’t manage to shot down a single of 22 missiles fired at the best protected military bases in the Middle East, visited recently by Trump and Pence alike. That’s another of those scarce facts.

Another scarce fact was easy to predict in the previous post: Oil price went up 4.5%, to $65.50 according to “Bloomberg” (follow the price here) and oil futures went to $70. Gold touched $1600 first time since 2013, and the stocks of military/industrial corporations skyrocketed. Bitcoin in a few days spiked from $7100 to $8300:


Is that all? So mild reaction? Is Market behind the events? Nope. Market is CREATING events. Yes, we have a State factor, but it is not an US of A factor. United States are not a State any more. Corporations had a hostile takeover of the North American people States. They should be called United Corporations of America. The State involved was — Israel! Scarce fact? You decide, knowing following things:

  • By the “Qui Bono?” rule, Israel is the ‘usual suspect’ in steering “Trump’s” decisions towards Iran. Remember JCPOA? False flag attacks at tankers in the Hormuz Straits that Iran strongly denied? And furthermore — Trump first informed Israel about the assassination! Not the U.S. Congress, not the UNSC — but Israel!
  • Israel is major benefactor in case of USA-Iran hot war. They perceive Iran as an enemy, and would really like if someone else could take it down. All the Arab countries rejected the idea of war against Iran. Let’s remember that Qassem Soleimani was invited in Iraq carrying a diplomatic mission which could end in peace agreement with Saudi Arabia. Israel couldn’t let that happen.
  • Then, look who was first to rejoice over the assassination of Soleimani — Bibi Netanyahy! And reacting to the Iran’s strike last night, he said: “Israel stands completely besides the U.S.. And behind it.” Especially behind, I would say. Then he also said: “America has no better friend than Israel, and Israel has no better friend than America!” With such friends… Or you can simply believe words of Israeli ambassador to the United States Danny Ayalon.

The reaction was mild because the strings of a puppet Trump are not only in the hands of Israel, but Wall Street also. They do not want complete crash of the Stock market and financial system — yet. And they do not want to retreat from the key region for the global dominance. Unfortunately, that will be hard to achieve after the Trump’s feat. Iran officially announced this was just a slap in the face of America, and the true retaliation will be expelling America from the region. Now you can expect asymmetrical strikes to the U.S. and Israel interests, not only in the Middle East, but all over the World. Countries around the Persian Gulf insisted they do not want further escalation, simply because they would have to suffer the first and strongest strike of a possible great war. For some of them it would mean complete destruction. Saudi Arabia just put Saudi Aramco to the NYSE, and imagine what would happen with their stocks if Iran strikes their production capacities, as Yemeni have shown on September 14th? The Wall Street journal reports that Saudi Arabia and Brazil have stopped transit of oil tankers through the Hormuz Straits.

So, the countries of the Persian Gulf does not want escalation, Wall Street does not want escalation, and Pentagon does not want further escalation, or that could mean leaving the most important region of the planet. Despite there are other scenarios, I would say that AT THIS MOMENT de-escalation is a safe bet. Israel will be satisfied with further tightening the connections with Trump administration, and projecting through U.S. their force of killing anyone in the region with complete impunity.

But what about MOMENT AFTER? So far, U.S. and Israel always accused Iran for all the troubles in the region. Until the assassination of Qassem Soleimani, Iran denied everything. Their priority was always fight against Islamic State. Now the priority changes. Having U.S. and Israel as obvious protectors of ISIS, priority is now removing the protector as far from the Iranian borders as it is possible. And they do not have to deny anything any more. Iraqis will help since they are incredibly angry because of their hero, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and U.S. will eventually have to leave. The number of allies is dwindling quickly:

Greatest threats-ENugmmlWoAAlkT_.jpg

Of course, United Corporations of America will not leave before Israel makes another incredible effort to make a great war, but it will have to leave. And then, a new Empire will fill the void. Preparations have already started…


Trump gives statement after strikes on US military bases in Iraq (live):

6 Things Media Won’t Tell You About Assassination of Iranian General with Lee Camp:

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