THE WAR: Terrorism as a Tool

Since the end of cold war, NATO has searched for a mission to justify its own existence. Attack on 9/11, in 2001 was a perfect pretext for a whole new war theater — a never ending “war on terrorism”! The Empire only has to proclaim some organization or person a “terrorist”, and then bombs start to shower upon their heads. But do we know what terrorism is? And who are the real terrorists?

In April 2019, United States had designated Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a ‘terror group’ despite the fact that their elite Quds Force has done, together with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the greatest job in fighting islamic extremists on the ground and eliminating the danger of forming an Islamic state in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. On January 7th this year, Iranian parliament pass bill designating US military, Pentagon as terror group. So, who’s the real terrorists here? Let’s start from the definition of terrorism…

What is terrorism?

Well… there is no definition of terrorism in the International Law. Is it so hard to define a simple term? It is when politics come in play. A news presenter at Al Jazeera Media Network, Sami Zeidan, tried to explain the problem:

There is no general consensus on the definition of terrorism. The difficulty of defining terrorism lies in the risk it entails of taking positions. The political value of the term currently prevails over its legal one. Left to its political meaning, terrorism easily falls prey to change that suits the interests of particular states at particular times. The Taliban and Osama bin Laden were once called freedom fighters (mujahideen) and backed by the CIA when they were resisting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Now they are on top of the international terrorist lists. Today, the United Nations views Palestinians as freedom fighters, struggling against the unlawful occupation of their land by Israel, and engaged in a long-established legitimate resistance, yet Israel regards them as terrorists […] The repercussion of the current preponderance of the political over the legal value of terrorism is costly, leaving the war against terrorism selective, incomplete and ineffective.

In short, the Empire does not want a clear definition of terrorism, because it wants to manipulate with terminology and impose a simple, arrogant criteria: “Terrorism is what we said it is. Everybody else must comply!” Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a sustainable World on the Imperial criteria. The whole history shows that Imperial arrogance always leads to disaster. So, let’s try to use a reasonable thinking in defining the terrorism.

We can easily agree that terrorism uses extreme forms of violence against the non-military targets. Civilians and civil servants, especially diplomats, are favorite targets of terrorists. Spreading fear and chaos among the population is not an aim in itself. Terrorist acts always has a political causes and political aims. Even mad individuals, so called ‘lone wolfs’, that you can’t connect to some organization, have their ‘political manifestos’, and it is always inspired by the ideology proposed by some government or its secret service. So, in search of a reasonable definition, we can stop at Britannica:

“Terrorism: the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective.”

Further they say that “Terrorism has been practiced by political organizations with both rightist and leftist objectives, by nationalistic and religious groups, by revolutionaries, and even by state institutions such as armies, intelligence services, and police.”

If we know that terrorism is always — no exceptions — working result of some ‘intelligence’ agency, we can’t look at it as anything other than a useful tool of governments in pursuit of political ends. Terrorism is a means to force domestic or foreign population into a certain behaviour. For example, if you want to impose a massive surveillance without any resistance, you organize a terrible suicide terrorist attack on the highest business towers in the country. Then you draft something called “Patriot Act” and abolish democracy under the pretext of safety. Yes, sheeple may remember Benjamin Franklin’s sentence: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” — but then, if they are well entertained with the theater where billionaires, acting as ‘left’ and ‘right’, are fighting over in the presidential race, they will never remember to pull their weapons against the government.

So, now we have three elements of terrorism:

  1. Systematic use of violence against population…
  2. …for the purposes of a particular political objective…
  3. …conducted by the governments and their intelligence services

Let’s see now — do we have any evidence that Iranian government did terrorize their or anyone else’s population for the purposes of a particular political objective? Anyone?

No, Bibi, that doesn’t count as an evidence. That’s just a bad cartoon. You have to have an event, the attack with many dead — for example, like 78 days bombing of FRY in 1999, with over 2500 dead civilians, or two invasions of Iraq with over 1.5 million of casualties during 17 years occupation, or 20 years of intervention in Afghanistan with still unknown number of victims, or destruction of Lybia, or helping the Islamic State in Syria, openly plundering the oil of that country…

…or killing the fiercest fighter against terrorism together with his hosts in the third country, or terrorising number of countries through sanctions and psychological warfare, and many more — all for the purposes of “regime change” and installation of an adequate regime… I mean “democracy”. Besides, the true terrorists always reveal that they have done it, expecting everyone fear of them. They brag about it, like this:

Duration: 3:02

Not only that. Terrorists got a whole great American people as a hostage, and in the name of American people they are arresting officials of other states in the Imperial colonies (see the cases of Meng Wanzhou in Canada and Weijing W. in Poland), and they are threatening more killing of the sovereign states under the pretext of ‘deterrence’:

Duration: 3:13

Yes, you heard it well: the Terrorist State Department chief is actually warning Russia and China that they could be a target of the next ‘legitimate deterrence policy’!

And when you think that it can’t get any worse — yes it can. Imagine how the Terrorist in Chief brings at the top of CIA a torture expert nicknamed “Bloody Gina” Imagine how he is pimping American soldiers to die for another country, well known for putting journalists through meat grinder and doing mass public executions and crucifixions, for a hefty payment to the terrorist government… Wait, you don’t have to imagine! Just look 30 seconds from minute 11:00, and everything will be clear:

Duration: 25:47

Can anyone be more shameless than this:

Trump: “Saudi Arabia is paying us for [our troops]. We have a very good relationship with Saudi Arabia” … “I said, listen, you’re a very rich country. You want more troops? I’m going to send them to you, but you’ve got to pay us. They’re paying us. They’ve already deposited $1 billion in the bank.”

If you have the patience to see the whole episode of “Watching the Hawks”, you will find out more about escalation with Iran, soaring war industry stocks and a terrorism inside the Guantanamo Bay.

Can you now name the terrorists in this game? If you still can’t, here is another hint — they are terrorizing anyone brave enough to expose their crimes to the World…

Don’t forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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