THE WAR: Iran Crisis Q&A

Events at the Middle East are going so quickly that it is hard to post a news which would not be old in three hours. Such a rapid pace in news can unfortunately be a source of another manipulation — covering the important news with fake news…

The latest big fake was the “imminent threat” from Soleimani, who has “planned the attacks” on U.S. soldiers. What a treat for the fake news media! They can at the same time keep the lies about the Iran, and grill irresponsible Trump’s administration with questions like this:

Duration: 3:52

But that is all a big theater. You may tell it by the fact that no corporate media has reminded Mike “We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole” Pompeo, or the public, that Trump has murdered a high official of the foreign State with which U.S. is NOT at war! Imagine the World where that would be a rule of relation towards foreign officials… Yes, a techno-barbarism is the model that U.S. has “offered” as their New World Order.

But this time, we are going to try to blow the fog of fake news, and return to the really important underlying news, through a form of questions and answers:

Who wants war?

He who profits, of course. After the previous post titled “United Corporations of America vs. Iran” I’ve intended to search for the corpos who had most gains in this crisis. For example, those corporations who had stocks flying high after the assassination. See this jump? It is January the 3rd, assassination day:


Incidentally, RT reporter Caleb Maupin compiled it much better than I could do, and put the video showing military/industrial TV warmongers, trying to ramp up the pressure for war, while masking their connections to the lucrative defence industry:

Duration: 4:08

Are you surprised they are same people who were selling invasion of Iraq? We also have oil corporations and big Zionist finance who are greedily interested in heightened tensions.

Yes, but U.S. achieved their goal, right?

What was their goal? To show they can kill anyone with impunity? To fill the pockets of Trump and “defence” corpos where he has stocks? To fulfill Zionist’s desire? Or it was maybe… to prevent possible de-escalation talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia? Let’s remember that Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said that Soleimani was invited in Iraq to a diplomatic mission, and Trump was informed about that. He also said that “Soleimani was due to meet with him on the same day that he was killed by a US drone near the Baghdad airport” So, even if the goal was preventing de-escalation and making USA indispensable in the region — it failed! Iraqi Parliament voted for removing U.S. troops from their territory. Now the whole Iran and the whole Iraq are united against USA. Soleimani couldn’t do it alive, but in death he achieve his goal. Furthermore, if Trump wanted to look tough in the election year, he managed only to get attractive to his Zionist supporters. I really can’t remember one goal that would be worth of a disasterous downfall of the U.S. influence in the key region. Dummocrats even took out anti-war movement skeleton from the closet!

Iraq is not a friendly country to the Empire anymore. The American troops are just as unwanted in Iraq as they are in Syria. The question is: “How many deaths it will take until they finally get it?”

But Iran stood down, right?

Another crooked picture gotten through corporate media lens. Iran has fired 22 guided missiles, carefully evading to hit American troops. Are they scared? Well… they really do not wish a direct missile clash with America. The damage would be too big. But they can fight very effective asymmetrical war. Corporate media couldn’t tel you this: All 22 missiles fired from the territory of Iran hit their targets. Not even one was shot down! This is an extremely important fact. Remember when Trump attacked Syria on April 14th 2018, over the false flag chemical air-raid in Douma? Out of 105 missiles fired, 103 got into the Syrian air space, and Syrian air-defence, using Russian Pantsir-S1 and old Soviet air defense systems, S-125, S-200, Buk, and Kvadrat, shot down 71 — which means 70% success. Out of 22 Iranian missiles, U.S. army air defence, with their ‘best in the World weapons’ had 0% success. That was strong signal to the Gulf Kingdoms and Israel, that U.S. Army cannot defend them in case of full scale war. And expect a line of Princes from Gulf Kingdoms in front of Kremlin, waiting to strike a deal of purchasing S-400 systems.

Will then be peace?

Don’t count on it. While I’m writing this, there are news about the mortar shelling at Al-Balad airbasehousing American troops. This situation is ideal for Zionist false flag attacks and further accusations towards Iran. The war with iran is projected. United Corporations of America has one more problem to solve if they want a full scale attack at Iran. Big oil corporations would like to keep tensions high and push the price of oil up. That would hurt China and allow profitable fracking in the homeland. That would also be so good for Trump’s presidential campaign. On the other hand, they do not want it so much higher that it can crash World economy… yet. Eventually, that day will come. Just don’t expect it before the elections.

* * *

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