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[Текст на српском] In the good old times, before the globalist madness, if you would went into the bank and asked to withdraw all your savings, the bank could only pay you your money (usually with a small interest), or if it was not able to do so — to declare bankruptcy (in today’s language — default). The good old times, however, are forever gone. What would happen if you would try the same thing today?

On August 8, 2019, a text appeared on the B92 website under the title “How has Slovenia joined to Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and France?” (in Serbian) So, I'm not going to keep you waiting — it has joined to them in such way that interest rates on ten-year government bonds fell below zero in this country too, turning negative yield at -0.23%. What does it mean? This practically means that those who buy these bonds will receive less value at the end of the period, than buying price! How is that even possible?

First phase of collapse: Banks take over the state

About ten years ago, our professor @vvladan confided in me (at the time I was still working in a law firm) that, contrary to law and contract, without any explanation, the bank raised interest on his car loan. He showed me the document. He did not sue them solely because a trial with a bank would probably cost more money and nerves than it would cost to simply pay illegal surcharge. However, the state, which is required to act “ex officio” in such cases of violation of the law, did not move a finger. It was a very clear sign that, in fact, the banks took over the state. From that moment on, disaster can no longer be avoided…

Announcement of a banking failure…

This, however, was not a Serbian “specialty”. Western ultra-liberal ideology has largely made it possible for banks to take control of states in the West. When, as a bank, you have power over the state, and when you have no control over what you do, then all kinds of unpleasant surprises are possible. For example, in 2015, Serbian press announced the unthinkable — the introduction of NEGATIVE interest on savings! Page (in Serbian) conveyed on September 20, 2015 the news from “Blic” paper on chargong the deposit:

As “Blic” learns, some banks have been preparing for the last month to abolish savings interest and even for the possibility of introducing a so-called negative rate has been mentioned in banking circles.

This would mean that depositors will have to pay for deposits, as in Switzerland or Germany, where the negative rate is 0.1 percent.

I wonder how many people have noticed this last sentence saying that Switzerland and Germany already had negative interest rates on savings at the time? Negative interest rates that practically mean that they cannot pay the full amount invested, means their banks are bankrupt! Let's go back to the “good old days” from the beginning of the text. Once, if the bank could not repay your savings, it had to declare bankruptcy, otherwise the state would take legal action. Now that the banks are practically own the states, instead of declaring bankruptcy, they will tell you, “Well, we saved your money so well that we deserve a reward!” And there is no state to help you. Does that sound logical to you?

The first consequence of such a “hidden” banking failure, will be their survival only as long as there are fools who will voluntarily give their money to the bank — because they gave the bank their money!

But whose crazy idea that was? The whole scheme was elaborated by central banks, as is well explained in the books of economics professor Dr. Saefedean Ammous Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking and the author Nomi Prins, titled Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World. Nomi Prins is a woman with extensive banking experience, spent two years as Senior Managing Director At Goldman Sachs, she served as a Managing Director of Bear Stearns for seven years, was a senior strategist at Lehman Brothers, whose collapse triggered the 2008 crisis, and was an analyst at Chase Manhattan. Unfortunately, the extent of the devastation started by the central banks cannot be limited or controlled. It is an unprecedented global economic bomb in the history of mankind…

…followed by the collapse of states in their current form

The logical and inevitable consequence of such criminal behavior will be the downfall of the global financial system based on the Bretton Woods Agreement. You no longer need to be an expert in economics to see how things will go. To explain this, let us return to the above news about Slovenia. So, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, and now Slovenia, by issuing ten-year negative interest rate bonds have already declared a default (bankruptcy), though deferred to ten years. The fraud is held only by the vain hope that in those ten years the global economic and financial situation will improve so much that after the deadline, they could still emerge. But the situation will not improve. How do we know that? By the fact that Argentina and Austria have long ago started issuing bonds with a payback period of 100 years! If anyone intends to buy this, I would have a special offer for that person: an extremely well preserved bridge, well maintained and very busy, across a large river in Belgrade! The price? A real bargain…

The logical question would be, who is crazy to buy such scams? There are two groups that are threatened by the extermination: the most naive and retirees. The most naive are those who expect that the sole currency in which the bonds are denominated, could so much rebound to cover the loss on the purchase. They deserve what they will get, but it is uncertain how many of them there are. The fraud must be settled from secure sources. And what are the safest victims of any robbery? The most vulnerable, who have their own fund and least ability to defend themselves:

There are several reasons that justify such moves. One of them is that pension funds and other institutional investors have a legal obligation to hold part of their portfolios in prime government bonds.

Pension funds are, therefore, a certain first casualty. Dear retirees, if you thought your pension was low so far, don’t worry — soon, there won’t be any. I cannot help but remember an older MP from the Republika Srpska Assembly, who, in response to an inane remark about his knowledge of technology, replied with a prophetic sentence: “Maybe I don't know what the Internet is, but you won’t know what a pension is!”

Indeed, with the explosion of this economic bomb, nation-states in their present form will not survive. When this will happen, however, is the most difficult question. As in the case of a patient with advanced stage cancer — you know he will not survive, but you can’t tell the exact number of his days left.

The Day After

We will not, of course, wait ten years to the breakdown of the system. How do we know that? Because the European Central Banks have terminated the 20-Year-Old Gold Sales Agreement and initiated a panic buyout. According to Natalie Dempster of the World Gold Council:

“The biggest change is in central bank behaviour. While back in 1999 they were net sellers to the tune of 500 tonnes, last year central banks bought record amounts of gold.”

According to World Gold Council figures, central banks bought 651 tonnes of gold worth nearly $30 billion last year, with Poland and Hungary buying the largest share.

So the most important question is no longer what will happen, or when it will happen. The most important question is: What will be after? How can we prevent the process of establishing a hierarchical political matrix with even more devastating consequences than in the previous three cases? As we can see, central banks are getting ready to re-establish the same fraudulent scheme with “gold-backed paper” after the massive bankruptcy announcement worldwide, and thus embark on a new looting cycle. After all, what could prevent them from doing so?

Decentralized cryptocurrencies only. Bitcoin, nothing else.

For more on the negative yielding bonds, see this episode of “Keiser report” by our Max and Stacy @keiserreport:

Duration: 25:45


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