Football Leaks Affair

We all knew that professional sports is a mafia domain. What else is new? Well, new is that mafia owns a state and is ready to prosecute those who uncover their crimes.

Ljubodrag Simonović, Philosophy PhD and a former top athlete who won World Championship with Yugoslav basketball team in Ljubljana 1970, has devoted whole his academic career to the disrobing a criminal world of professional sports. In his books he correctly describes current system of professional sports as a criminal enterprise integrated with a capitalistic system of control and mass exploitation.

Despite all of new technology and monstrous media control, the criminal centralized hierarchical political matrix is leaking everywhere. Julian Assange was the one who has shaken its foundations, and the matrix was forced to respond with the last resort — force. Hungarian police arrested a Portugese hacker, 30-year-old Rui Pinto, for the alledged links to the investigative website Football Leaks, which has revealed a number of huge scandals from this sport, by publishing documents that it claimed to have obtained from anonymous sources.

We live in a really incredible times, where it is not allowed to reveal a criminal doings. Hacking is not a criminal act in itself. Hacking is a criminal act if it damage the society. If it helps society to fight crime, then it should be rewarded. Rui Pinto is a hero who has dared to poke into the snakes nest made of state and sports mafia collusion. You can see a list of documents at this link, and you can read them in several languages…

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Whatever of the “Football Leaks” reports was denied, they have been proven accurate — in Court. Famous Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo at first denied the allegations exposed by the Football Leaks, today has plead guilty to tax fraud and has accepted a prearranged €18.8 million fine and a suspended 23-month jail term in Spain. He is a player of Italian Juventus, but the charges relate to his time at former club Real Madrid.

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But, don’t get me wrong — I do not consider Cristiano Ronaldo as a key criminal. He is just a clown trained all his life to kick the ball as good as he can. Even if he would want to scrap a tax fraud, he wouldn’t know how to do it on his own. Those things are done with the help of club representatives during the contract negotiations and lawyers in charge of the operational part of the job. So, by accepting fine and a suspended 23-month jail term, trained clown actually blocked the investigation of a true criminals who make the system work.

And let’s go back to Rui Pinto. He is being held in Budapest on charges of extortion and violation of secrecy, among others, and will be extradited to Portugal, where he could face up to 10 years in prison. Extortion… blackmail… terrible crimes, really. Any man of clear conscience would immediately report it to the police, right? Like Ronaldo did when he was “framed” for the alledged rape… Oh, he didn’t do it? How strange! Did he reported blackmail and extortion after he actually pay a $375,000 settlement in 2010, to hide the rape scandal? Did he ever mentioned blackmail by Football Leaks? Wouldn’t Football Leaks cease to exist on the Internet immediatelly after the blackmail allegations, instead of being with us 4 years?

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