Face Projector — Let the AI Sweat

[Текст на српском] The tremors have started. All over the planet we have rising rebellion. France (Yelow Vests, Extinction Rebellion, Firefighters), Spain (Catalonia), Ecuador (austerity protests), UK (Extinction Rebellion, Brexit), China (Hong Kong)… are among the most explosive ones.

At the moment, regimes of the centralized political hierarchical matrix are defending themselves through surveillance and intimidation. Cameras are everywhere, and if you are identified as “a violent protester”, you can be charged even under terrorism regulations. So, it’s much healthier not to be recognized. One of the usual proposed solution would be wearing a make-up — war colors all over the face, or “Kiss” style make-up so the recognition systems couldn’t do its work. Problem with this kind of ‘camouflage’ becomes obvious as soon as the police start arresting all the protesters with the make-up on. So, it has to be something easily removable, like a balaclava, or — Face Projector…

Duration: 1:30

The author, Jing-cai Liu, says his project has NOTHING to do with political purposes, but… it’s not what you’ve intended to do! Or you did intended after all?

Now, the important stuff

When the rebellion starts, NEVER use that Anonymous symbol from the “V for Vendetta” movie, Guy Fawkes mask! NEVER! That mask is a perfect target for the AI driven killing machines described in one episode of the “Black Mirror”:

Duration: 1:45

Black balaclava is no less suitable as a target. You think this is sci-fi? Ask Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela. He survived unsuccessful drone assassination attempt in August 2018. Technology is already there. Now, “the Empire” just needs your facial data… that you will give to them using your ‘terrific’ new iPhones, or GooglePixels, or anything that is forcing you to give your biometric data.

Colored balaclava? Only if you do not have an expensive, fashinable (and easily traceable) designer version… and have no homofobic genes.

Or, simply make a paper mask of your “favorite” politician, or “billionaire philanthropist” and wear it at the protests. Who would program targeting such a nice faces as George Soros, Queen Elizabeth, Joe Biden, Jacob Rothschild, Hillary Clinton, Charles Koch or Donald Trump has?

Yes, protests will be inevitable, since nobody can bring down centralized hierarchical political matrix just by blogging…


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