Don’t Be Google!

Once, they had a motto: “Don’t Be Evil!” But the temptation of power was too strong…

Never believe what big corporations say. Rather look what are they doing. If you go closer to see what Google does, you’ll see that they have crossed over to the dark side long ago.

We value honesty and fairness, so we don’t allow the promotion of products and services that are designed to enable dishonest behaviour.
— Google

Google propaganda likes to fire up such empty tirades, and we can hear often from their side about fighting the fake news — like they are information outlet and not search engine! Then we can hear stories about fact-checking algorithms that are state-of-the-art AI, and can do the job far better then people could. Like someone (aside from criminal government structures) asked from them to filter contents!

Then, we see what they are doing — while they are effectively censoring views “different” from the corporate media, while they are directly meddling into US elections, by siding clearly with one candidate (as exposed by Wikileaks), while they are demonetizing and shadow-banning unwanted contents at ther YouTube platform, and while they are selling their add space to the fake news! One pound a click… who could resist!?

Duration: 2:19

Of course you will be asking yourselves after all of this: “What could be done?” You could start using Yandex or DuckDuckGo, and then making transition towards decentralized search engines while having in mind:

You do not use Google
Google is using you!


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