Part 3 - The WHO of the EXPOSÉ: BillGates-COVID-19-ID2020-WHO-CDC-BigPharma-Gavi-Rockefeller: Connecting the Dots


Part 3 - The WHO (World Health Organization)

of the EXPOSÉ: BillGates-COVID-19-ID2020-WHO-CDC-BigPharma-Gavi-Rockefeller: Connecting the Dots (Part 3)

Introduction to this Exposé

Hello everyone,

This is a continuation of my exposé. In PART 1 - Bill Gates + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation we saw how Bill Gates is not only a highly corrupt and evil individual thrusting his might to vaccinate every man, woman, and child on this planet, but also how he uses his billions and power and influence across a wide spectrum of alliances in order to push a greater agenda on the masses. In PART 2 - The CDC (Center for Disease Control) we saw much of the same nefariousness.

In this part, we explore how the very corrupt WHO (World Health Organization) has essentially been taken over by Bill Gates, his foundation, Big Pharma, and other commercial interests and how they are currently subservient and complicit in global efforts supporting the greater agenda of control.

And a the end of the exposé, I will connect the major dots from each and show you how they all tie into each other for the Greater Plan they have in store for us.

Note that this exposé is divided into the following parts:

PART 1 - Bill Gates + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

PART 2 - The CDC (Center for Disease Control)

PART 3 - The WHO (World Health Organization) (this post)


PART 5 - The Gavi Alliance

PART 6 - The Rockefellers & The Rockefeller Foundation

PART 7 - ID2020 under COVID-19

Conclusion & Call To Action


PART 3: The WHO (World Health Organization)


The above quote comes from the interview Kennedy gave on RT which is referenced and highlighted above in this exposé.

Let's explore but a small sample of "dots", or misdoings that the WHO has been engaged in over the years which will demonstrate the true nature of their operations and their raison d'être.


  • MALPRACTICE/BREACH OF DUTY: Dr. Peter Aaby, A highly regarded and well-known researcher with nearly 400 peer-reviewed published articles in NIH PubMed shared his concerns about the negligence of the WHO with regards to how its policies for the DTP vaccine is killing children. A short video portion of his presentation entitled This vaccine (DPT) is killing children held at the Symposium About Scientific Freedom in Copenhagen on March 9, 2019 can be seen hereunder with selected excerpts highlighted. (Sources:1, 2, 3, 4)

[1:48] That vaccine is actually killing children.

[2:04] Most of you have not been trained immunology is coming now, it's been developing for the last five to ten years that we forgot about the innate immune system that's the first line of defense. It's not about T-cells and B-cells; it's about innate immune system. And the innate immune system is changed when you get these vaccines.

[2:48] The WHO plans to introduce booster doses that we in the Western world have problems with...Therefore they want to introduce booster doses in the low-income countries that will have negative effects.

[3:32] (Talking about a Malaria vaccine) We are currently testing this...WHO is testing this vaccine in Africa in three countries (Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi) with 720,000 children. So, if there's anything to their own data, we are going to kill somewhere between 2,000-5,000 girls unnecessarily. So, I would argue that we have to do something about the DTP.

[4:05] WHO said that they would recommend non-specific, further research...but they also said they cannot study DTP.

Why can't the WHO study the DTP vaccine or have some of its affiliates or partners do so?

While most of these statements are quite troubling. I would like to re-iterate the second one where he explains to his peers (medical doctors who administer vaccines): "Most of you have not been trained immunology is coming now, it's been developing for the last five to ten years that we forgot about the innate immune system that's the first line of defense" and "the innate immune system is changed when you get these vaccines". Now, while I am not a medical practioner myself, I have come across some medical literature that suggest this is very much the case and that pharmaceutical companies, depite being cognizant of this, have chosen to ignore its ramifications and continue to recommend an increasingly toxic schedule of untested and ill-proven vaccines. In other words, they are complicitly involved in ruining peoples' own immune systems which is counter-productive to what their stated work is all about.

Dr. Peter Aaby's full video can be seen here

  • BREACH OF DUTY/CONFLICT OF INTEREST: According to the Global Policy Forum (an independent policy watchdog that monitors the work of the United Nations and scrutinizes global policymaking), the WHO has repeatdedly violated several of its own guidelines, ethics, polices, norms and standards in their interactions with pharmaceutical and other enterprises along with how their contributions are allocated and spent. The instances are too numerous to list here, but you can view an exhaustive list of violations in their report. (Sources: 1, 2)

  • BREACH OF DUTY/PROFITEERING/CONFLICT OF INTEREST: As recently as in the Fall of 2018, with the help of EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance) over 120 groups and individuals from various health, advocacy, and medical freedom institutions penned and sent an Open Letter from International Organisations to the WHO on the Issue of Vaccine Safety (alternative link here which outlines numerous concerns regarding the funding, practices, profiteering, and conflicts of interests (among other problems) and their effects on overall health and safety, particularly with vaccines. (Sources: 1, 2) Here are some key highlights from the letter [Emphasis added]:

Vaccines are administered to healthy individuals to prevent targeted infections, but their long-term impact on the immune system and their potential role in chronic disease is not being evaluated.

In your previous meeting you advocated for less independent testing, considered ‘redundant’, in order to speed up the supply of products.

The funding of your organisation relies on important private donations, such as the GAVI alliance, a partnership with banks and industries. The fact alone that this very meeting is funded by a private investor, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is highly questionable.

Given this inherent conflict of interest, it is therefore absolutely imperative that independent studies and experts be involved in the approval and recommendation of vaccines and vaccine policies.

And if the WHO guarantees the safety of the vaccine it is pre-qualifying, it should also assume liability for adverse events following vaccination.

The members also call for improvements to current practices that are known to be problematic (for which the WHO are not addressing) such as:

  • Extensive clinical trials conducted by bodies independent from the manufacturers
  • Provide studies on adjuvants and preservatives such as aluminium and mercury
  • The use of combined vaccines and the same-day administration of multiple vaccines be thoroughly investigated
  • The measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link with autism

The four items listed above are but a fraction of concerns that the WHO and other health bodies have failed to address in breach of their stated duties.

I would also like to stress one of their more salient points:

The funding of your organisation relies on important private donations, such as the GAVI alliance, a partnership with banks and industries. The fact alone that this very meeting is funded by a private investor, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is highly questionable.

If you consult the latest available WHO - Voluntary contributions by fund and by contributor, 2018 PDF report and examine the numbers, you will indeed find that this is an accurate assessment.

Apart from country contributions (with the United States being the largest, with $281,063,159, you will find that the next biggest contributor (even bigger than the second biggest country donor) is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with $228,970,196. The Gavi Alliance is also quite notable with contributions figuring at $158,545,964.


Information Source: WHO - Voluntary contributions by fund and by contributor, 2018

Combined, these two (Gates & Gavi) private investors account for more than $387 million dollars (for 2018 alone). Consequently, it is not too difficult to deduce that they hold a tremendous amount of power and influence as to where they expect their respective funds to allocated via WHO operations.

Just last week President Trump announced he was halting funding to the WHO until further notice. This currently leaves Gates & Gavi as the, de facto, primary funders of the WHO, larger than any single member country - the consequences of which remain a monumental concern.

Meanwhile drug companies have banked vast profits- $7bn (£4.8bn; €5.7bn) to $10bn from vaccines alone according to invest- ment bank JP Morgan.

Given the scale of public cost and private profit, it would seem important to know that WHO'S key decisions were free from commercial influence. An investigation by the BMJ and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, published this week, finds that this was far from the case.

As reported by Deborah Cohen and Philip Carter, some of the experts advising WHO on the pandemic had declarable financial ties with drug companies that were producing antivirals and influenza vaccines.

  • BREACH OF DUTY/CONFLICT OF INTEREST/PROFITEERING/ABUSE OF POWER: Deutsche Welle (a German media outfit focused on human right to freedom of expression, education and independent journalism) came out with am article entitled Who is really helping the WHO? which outlined the WHO's growing dependence on the pharmaceutical industry. (Sources: 1, 2) Here are some notable extracts from the piece, starting with the intended mission, scope and size of the WHO:

With more than 8,000 employees, the World Health Organization (WHO) is the United Nation's single largest special organization worldwide.

Its central mission is to fight disease and promote the best possible health care for all people.

Please keep the WHO's stated mission above while reading the rest of the points below.

The "People's Health Movement," a network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on health policy from more than 70 countries, has criticized the pharmaceutical industry's growing influence on WHO as well as the organization's increasing reliance on private donors.

According to NGOs engaged in the People's Health Movement, commercial interests have a growing influence on WHO's goals and strategies. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a prime example. "The lion's share of the $25 billion that Gates was able to invest in health programs around the world in the past 10 years stemmed from returns from well-known companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries whose business practices often run counter to global health efforts," Gebauer said.

"If Gates brings WHO to back such patented vaccination programs, both vaccine producers and their shareholders, like the Gates Foundation, stand to benefit," Gebauer said. This would come at the expense of people in the world's poor countries whose governments are unable to afford typically expensive vaccination programs.

Pharma industry influence: The H1N1 "swine flu" influenza showed just how much influence the pharmaceutical industry and its supporting foundations actually have. In June 2009, WHO was advised by its standing vaccination committee to issue its highest alert for the H1N1 pandemic. Among the members and consultants of the commission were scientists who had contracts with the manufacturers of Tamiflu and other "anti-flu" drugs.

The global vaccination program that WHO set in motion with its pandemic alert turned into a billion-dollar business for these companies.

For a "perfectly ordinary flu" to escalate into a dangerous pandemic, WHO lowered the criteria for pandemic alerts before the first case of H1N1 had been known, according to the Council of Europe. Also, health officials around the world committed contractually to purchases with vaccine manufacturers.

Read the point above carefully: The "WHO lowered the criteria for pandemic alerts before the first case of H1N1 had been known". This is a clear abuse of power. One has to wonder and can only think of one reason why they would do so - they either willingly or were coerced by their funders (Big Pharma, et al.) in order to position them for massive sales of H1N1 vaccines. While I don't have the figures for the sales of these, I strongly syspect that they figure in the hundreds of millions of dollars, if not ni the billions; if someone wishes to tabulate the figures and source them, I would be more than happy to append them to this exposé.

Continuing with the highlights from the article:

Another factor is that WHO's core public health policy and financing tasks have been outsourced and thus removed from the democratic control of its member states, according to Alison Katz, who had worked for 18 years in the WHO headquarters in Geneva.

Outsourcing is a common practice for governments (think of those related to the military-industrial-complex in the US, for instance) and corporations so as to distance themselves (ethically, legally, morally) and defer blame should something go afoul. But for the WHO to oursource its "public health policy" and place it in the hands of private interests where member country contributors have little to no say in the matter is, yet again, a major breach of trust and duty.

WHO's Botched Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Though the WHO didn't officially declare the novel coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic until the 11th of March, 2020 (see the Director General's speech details here and the official video here), the WHO's very own Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove (Head of the Outbreak Investigation Task Force) stated on December 31st, 2019 that she suspected human-to-human transmission of the virus. (Sources: 1, 2 3, 4, 5, 6)

You can listen to her declaration below in the following official video:

Specifically, Dr. Van Kerkhove said:

Right from the start, from the first notification we received on the 31st of December, given that this was a cluster of pneumonia — I’m a MERS specialist, so my background is in coronaviruses and influenza — so immediately thought, given that this is a respiratory pathogen, that of course there may be human-to-human transmission,”

"And so, very early on we suspected that there would be human-to-human transmission because it's a respiratory pathogen."

Even though Dr. Kerkhove words ("there may be" & "we suspected") were carefully chosen, they nonetheless still indicated and implied a very high probability of human-to-human transmission; yet the Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and other high level officials at the WHO chose to ignore or downplay this very critical information that, had it been taken more seriously, could have significantly mitigated the spread of the disease both within China and in other countries.

By ignoring this vital information and carelessly wasting precious time, they instead took weeks to admit human-to-human transmission as they blindly accepted China's non-factual assertion to the contrary without question or proper investigation.


Tweet from the WHO, January 14, 2020

Despite China having [officially and publicly] confirmed human-to-human transmission on January 20th and that cases were confirmed in countries outside of China (namely, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States) as of January 20-21, the WHO still dragged their feet and did not issue alerts or travel advisories for flights departing China, let alone Wuhan. Thus, tens of thousands of passengers departed from mainland China towards other countries possibly carrying with them the coronavirus. Worse, even much later on February 3rd, three days after President Donald Trump prohibited foreigners who had recently been in China from traveling to the United States, Tedros voiced opposition to travel bans, saying measures that would “unnecessarily interfere with travel and trade” weren’t needed. Tedros also went on a rant against countries and their leaders stating "We must stop stigma and hate." Thus, he seemed more concerned with not hurting the feelings of the Chinese leadership and with the flow of trade to and from China, rather than following his own organization's mandate to protect the world from the spread of disease. (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization, left, shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping before a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Jan. 28, Image source

This series of blunders demonstrates the WHO's breach of professionalism and duty along with their political subserviency with regards to their relationship with the Chinese authorities. Quite appalling to say the least.


Yet another reason to NOT TRUST the WHO:

New WHO Guidelines Encourage European Kids Under 4 Be Taught "Masturbation" & "Gender Identity" Excerpt:

WHO guidelines for sex education recommend that children aged 0-4 be taught about “masturbation” and “gender identity.”

The World Health Organization’s ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe: A framework for policymakers, educational and health authorities and specialists’, advises children be taught about sexually pleasuring themselves and transgenderism before they’ve even fully learned to talk.

How utterly troubling by the WHO. I mean, really? Ages 0-4? WTF? How is there no push back on this?

How would these guidelines/measures be implemented and by whom exactly?

There's no sugar-coating any of this folks, this is child-abuse plain and simple.

Who is really pushing these agendas for the WHO and do you really think they have the best interest of you and your children at heart?

It's more than time for citizens across the globe to reject the WHO. After all, it remains that Bill Gates is currently the single largest contributor to the WHO ahead of any country in the world.



Note that I am not personally pro- or anti-vaccine; I am for truth and honesty in their development, testing, distribution, and supervision - all of which, currently, are grossly lacking, as will be extensively documented and demonstrated in the upcoming parts.

Continue with PART 4 - BIG PHARMA

Once completed, I intend to put everything together in a single PDF downloadable file for easier sharing and distribution.

Comments and re-blogs are more than welcome!

In Peace & Liberty,


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