You Shall Not Pass

Tank Man Alex Jones vs NPC Technocracy?

Back in 1989, June 4th, Monday, at the Tiananmen Square, in Beijing, China, during the Beijing University student protest, tanks ran over this Tank Man with the Alex Jones face. Just kidding. Actually, the Chinese man kept on moving in front of the tanks. The front tank tried dodging him, but Tank Man kept on getting in the way, like Alex Jones, of Info Wars, has done. We live in Info Wars between Patriots & Globalists like Soros who has been dividing & conquering countries all over the place.

In related news, a steamroller ran over He Zhe Hua in 2012.

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The man climbed onto the tank.

Some soldiers popped their heads up out of the tank. The man hopped off the tank got right back in front of the tank. Suddenly, some NPC guys ran out onto the highway & pushed the man off similar to the way that technocracy kicked Alex Jones off social networks like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Apple, Microsoft, etc, this year (2018). Back in 1989, during that protest, the government murdered thousands of the Chinese students. Did the secret police kill that Tank Man? Probably. Was the Tank Man named Fang Zheng or was that another person who actually had his legs crushed a few hours earlier that same day? Is China trying to take over the whole world?

Soros Invasion

What is worse, Soros or Chinese Government Invasion?

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They're trying to take away our right to defense.

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Stay in line as another brick on the wall.

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You Shall Not Pass

Published in October of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Timeline: You Shall Not Pass

1989-06-04 Monday - Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China - Tank Man
2018-10-24 Wednesday 11: 00 AM LMS | You Shall Not Pass
Published at 01:38 PM Wednesday

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Stand Up For Something or Fall For Everything.

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