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1,000 people ask you yes or no questions. Imagine that you reply yes to 500 of the questions and no to 500 of the other questions. Would bots and people find you guilty of spam? The answer would vary depending on who you ask as spam might be repeated comments and spam might also be anything a person dislikes. Those are the two main competing views on what may or may not be spam.

What is Oatmeal Spam?

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Are some bots spam? Good question. Spam is in the eye of the beholder just like plagiarism is in the eye of the Devil. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder just like art is. Spam can be repetition and spam can be Hate Speech. Spam can be different things to different people to the extent that spam might be defined generically or possibly TOO generically. You could come in with specific terminology in defining spam and many do that. You can bring dictionaries and tell me what Old Webster thinks. But keep in mind that there is book smart and there is street smart. There can be differences between what professors say in regards to the meaning of a said word and how a given word might be applied and used practically in day-to-day life. Some people are trying to destroy me. Should bots only go after people who might be Repetition-Spamming or Unwanted-Info Spamming? Should bots not also go after other bots and also sock puppet accounts who might be doing that also? What do you think, spam your comments in the comment section and I don't really care about spam and I don't care if you spam or not spam or kind of spam or whatever you call it. Some people may care and some people may want to debate these things and some people say I'm spam.

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