What is 5G? Is it Good or Bad & Why?

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Defining Terms
- 01:02 PM - Wikipedia Explanation - if you don't know, 5G means "Fifth Generation," and it is all about the 5th generation or 5th edition of mobile cellular cell phone communication. 5G succeeds 4G (LTE/WiMax). Before we can tackle how bad and good 5G may or may not be, we gotta define terms. We gotta know what we are talking about. That's why I'm beginning with a quick summary of what 5G is and/or is not. Release-15 is scheduled for April of 2019. 5G has a speed of 10 Gbps, & is set to have 20 Gbps, massive MIMO, etc. There seems to be a 5G New Radio (NR) communication standard that below 6 GHz frequencies and mmWave above 15GHz. 5G is faster than cable Internet & 100 times faster than previous cellular technology. 5G is set to rival and replace wired Internet providers like cable and also home office networks. They say that 5G uses millimeter waves which are absorbed by gases and have a shorter range than microwaves. 5G is set to be the size of a city block. It seems to be a downgrade from 4G in that sense and an even bigger downgrade from shortwave radio waves. In order to make 5G work, you have to relay the 5G network via antennas on top of poles, buildings, trees, and everything, everywhere, all over the place, to make it work. This seems to be a downgrade from satellite. 5G utilizes beamforming which involves Smart Wave Flight Path Targeting. Keep an eye on smart things like Smart Phones, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Smart Cars, Smart Appliances, smart this, smart that. This is another smart thing. So, how smart is it? Good question. It is smart like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, in the realms of how they smartly censor, target, against what you may want in order to act as your parent to tell you what is safe, fake, hateful, good, bad, allowed, harmful, spam, evil, what might be terrorism, etc, etc. So, if you like Facebook, then you may also like smart things. Now, specifically, Beamforming may or may not be as smart as smart phones for example. It may not necessarily involve the same type of algorithm or programming that may involve censoring people, programming people, suppressing people, controlling people, etc. However, it could be used by other mechanism that do. Some people wonder if 5G will make it to the rural countryside areas because it is more expensive to build the 5G infrastructure. 5G has low latency. But what does latency mean? It means delay - Network Latency - Latency is the time it takes for a message to pass from sender to receiver. Higher latency means slower response time in the network, as in lower speeds for the upload, download, bandwidth, of the networks. Low latency means faster speeds. 5G promotes the Matrix - Virtual Reality (VR) - Augmented Reality (AR) - in other words, it promotes zombism. Just go back to sleep, live in a fantasy. Technology is a tool that can be used for good and for bad. Control Freaks are pushing us out of reality and towards oblivion. 5G is also there for smart cars - Autonomous Vehicles - like the Fat People on WALL-E, they want people to forget how to do things themselves, independently. They're enslaving humanity like frogs in boiling water. If you don't want to get boiled, then hop out of that melting pot of diversity, the hijacked American Dream, the American Fantasy which progressive liberals have redefined from a good thing into a bad thing. Progressives believe in subjectivity over objectivity which means that there is no right and wrong from eternal, absolute, perspective, foundation, morality. 5G technologies have to satisfy ITU IMT-2020 requirements and/or 3GPP Release 15. Is ITU good or bad? I don't know. The Verizon pre-standard version (implementation) is referred to as 5G Technical Forum (TF). Development for 5G is being led by companies like Qualcomm, Intel, Huawei, ZTE, Cisco, Samsung. Worldwide commercial launch is scheduled for 2020. A version of 5G was used during the 2018 Winter Olympics. AT&T have announced commercial deployments in 2018. Sprint & T-Mobile made similar announcements in dozens of cities, already. China Telecom began their 5G buildout in 2018. 5G may include Edge Computing. Not sure what that means. Some things may not be 5G but may be advertised and labelled as 5G Project or 5G Evolution as they are pre-5G networks, AKA 4G LTE networks.

Fifth Generation (5G) Technology

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Guess Who's funding 5G
- 03:23 PM - Earth Custodians Article - Funding for 5G is coming from Federal Money, AKA taxpayers. Communication providers would rather not pay for it. Should we be funding what is killing us? Our money can continue the lie. There is a loophole as we can use our money to expose the lies, the deception, and we can use our money for better alternatives as well - Murdering Tech - Notice how those types of waves penetrate the brain, the skull. Think about what that does, psychologically, physically, emotionally, chemically, neurologically, to humans. Notice how cancer is increasing globally. Pretend that is only a coincidence. Pretend that there are no natural remedies to curing cancer. Just submit to being sick. I've not been to a doctor in over a decade. 5G stakeholders and regulators have been suppressing negative 5G studies. They did a study on mice for example. Mice exposed to 5G became more hyperactive. Government and empires like the European Union (E.U.) are forcing 5G out - Smart 5G Grid - 5G effects your skin, eyes, immune system, heart, etc. 5G produces photons of a greater energy than that of 4G.

What is Transhumanism?

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New Weapons System
- 04:40 PM - New 5G Star Wars Death Star - It's not a communication system. That's the cover story. It's global tyranny, control, over people, for Agenda 21, for Agenda 2030. It's scary but we must believe in the hope of stopping it. If we are talking about what globalists, technocrats, Chinese operatives, plutocrats, warlords, bankers, and others, did, have been doing, are doing, will be doing, we must believe in winning these wars. While writing this, I'm listening to Jack on YouTube - It’s time for Trump to recognize Le Pen as the Interim President of France - The EU is taking over countries in Europe. The police shot the Yellow Vest Leader in the eye. He is going to probably lose his eye. Globalists are fighting us on so many levels. The good news is that we are standing up to the tyranny. Join us if you haven't already - YouTube Search - When searching for 5G on YouTube, the first one hundred or more results, videos, are promotional, all about how great 5G is and they come from the same sources that promote globalism instead of Family First Nationalism. This is my rough draft introduction to 5G. I've included some good videos here for more info. I've included links to articles about 5G. The information about 5G is all over. But if you try to Google it, you will probably find a bunch of propaganda meant to make you love 5G. Sadly, some people believe that they can't stop it and that it is not too bad.

Tracking Technology

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