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Here is a guide for who and what to vote for in Washington State (WA), which is the home of the Seattle Space Needle. You can apply this guide, the outlines, the illustrations, the lessons here, to different states, to your own state, to different cities, towns, communities, counties, territories, places, in the United States of America (USA) and in countries all around the world. The general midterms elections is Tuesday, the 6th of November, 2018.

Rebecca Glasgow

She says she is unbias, but who is not bias? We are all biased. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. We are not perfect and we have perspective, points of views, ideas, which are biases. She talks about immigration and civil rights issues which may be an endorsement for European Union (EU) style Open Borders, for sanctuaries, which George Soros, global banks, the NWO, China, and others, fund, as shadow government continues in global governmental tyranny which is already in effect in a bunch of ways already which patriots fight against. She fights for women rights which may be a reference to progressive feminism which is anti-family which is another thing that is anti-men and is anti-children and is a thing that Soros and others promote through Obama's Planned Parenthood & other things. She also talks about legal aid which may include government which makes government bigger. But we want to make gov smaller.


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Hillary Clinton Michelle Obama 2020

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Voter's Pamphlet

2018-11-06 Tuesday Midterms USA Elections COVER.png

No on 19

No because taxes are bad and oil is good as it creates jobs, energy, money, power, life.

19 NO cuz tax is bad and oil is good for jobs n energy n more.png

No on 940

No because there are better ways train cops, police better, without trying to federalize it as that may lead to a rebirth of the FEMA thing which was an elevated problem in the past 20 years.

940 no cuz there are better ways to get cops better training etc.png

No on 1631

No because taxes on pollution makes government bigger while making free markets more in debt, stuck in slavery. Like Kanye West said, we are in mind prisons. We can get out.

1631 NO on pollution fees which makes gov bigger.png


Points for and against 1631

1631 NO on pollution fees which makes gov bigger 2 ARGUMENTS FOR AND AGAINST.png

Yes on 1634

Yes because reducing taxes decreases government and increases employment, money, income, empowerment, ownership, freedoms, individually, giving us responsibilities, added choices, opportunities, risks, life.

1634 YES to reduce tax n gov-1.png
1634 YES to reduce tax n gov-2.png

No on 1639

No because gun prohibition fails even as drug, alcohol, sex, war, and other prohibitions, restrictions, have created black markets, elevated demands, which enables criminals to be unopposed when they come to murder, steal, to take, destroy, or whatever, whenever, wherever. The first, second, and fourth amendments are fundamental for life.

1639 NO cuz gun prohibition fails cuz chicago n kanye west.png

Obama Care

Sherry Appleton may support Evil Obama Care

Appleton, Sherry. Erickson, Becky.png


Irene Bowling said, "Every person in our district deserves the opportunity to thrive," which might be code for the opportunity of results as opposed to the opportunity to try, to compete, AKA an equality of opportunity as opposed to opportunities of communism results. Also Obama Net Neutrality could be a problem as it seeks to regulate and censor the Internet more and more. Social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, YouTube, Apple, Microsoft, Comcast, and others, censor, and Net Neutrality is all about things like that which steals away our God Given freedoms, rights, liberties, choices, decisions, destiny.

Bowling Irene and Sheldon Tim.png

Joseph Brumbles

He tries to help children, our future.

Brumbles, Joseph.png

Maria Cantwell

She may endorse expensive Affordable Obama Care Act. She seems to hate oil but oil is good, not bad, as it creates jobs, natural resources, energy, power, independence on ourselves as opposed to oil from the Middle East and other countries. She endorses college traps, welfare, which makes government bigger, fatter, which hurts us.

Cantwell, Maria.png

Choi Nathan

He talked about interpreting law in order to solve housing problems which is dangerous. You want to follow the constitution as it was as opposed to trying to modernize it because progressive modernization is a gateway towards elevated, accelerated, federal tyranny as government grows too quickly, too fast, like cancer.

Steve Gonzalez

He seems to hate HATE CRIME which is too subjective and that is not good.

Choi Nathan and Gonzalez Steve.png

Monty Cobb

Tries to listen.

Cobb Monty D.png

David Daggett

He talked about creating jobs but it is better when free markets create jobs as opposed to expecting only the government to allegedly create jobs to some extent and stuff.

Drew MacEwen

He talked about the need for better budgeting.

Daggett David and MacEwen Drew.png

Douglas Dightman

He might be endorsing equality of opportunities as opposed to communistic results. He is from Shelton, WA, which is where I am near Olympia as of 2018, this year. But Doug said we live in a representative democracy. But we originally and were designed by our forefathers to be set and guided by and through a republic over mere mob ruling democracy. He likes free markets.

Dightman, Douglas.png

Connie FitzPatrick

She hates guns and wants to keep guns from children and criminals. But how in the Hell do you keep guns from the bad guys? She is against corporate loopholes which may mean she is against non-international corporations.

Jesse L. Young

He wants to reduce regulations which is what Trump is doing.

FitzPatrick Connie and Young Jesse.png

Dan Griffey

He wants to end the statue of limitations on felony sex crimes and that might be a good thing.

James Thomas

He said something about polarizing ideological stances which may mean he hates Trump which is bad as Trump helps America which may mean he is against America.

Griffey Dan and Thomas James.png

Drew Hansen

He hates illegal guns which means he hates freedoms.

Hansen, Drew.png

Denny Heck

He hates gun violence which means he hates America and he is against real wages as wages are already rising thanks to Donald Trump. He tries to protect reproductive health rights which mean tax-paid abortions, AKA baby murder, genocide of children, real people.

Heck, Denny.png

Susan Hutchison

She wants to lower taxes.

Hutchison, Susan.png

Derek Kilmer

He likes affordable health care, AKA Obama Care. He wants to continue protecting national parks, AKA federal land which the swamp tries to steal from American Patriots.

Kilmer, Derek.png

Sheryl Gordon McCloud

She likes our democracy in America. Wait, we have a republic, not a democracy. That means she is trying to destroy our American republic which begins with pretending it is a democracy when it is really or was really a republic, originally, potentially, theoretically, to some extent or so was the intention. She seems to like individual, constitutional, rights, freedoms.

MCloud Sheryl Gordon.png

Voting For Dummies

Published in October of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Susan Owens

She likes privacy, AKA the fourth amendment.

Owens Susan.png

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Emily Randall

She likes the failing Obama Care.

Marty McClendon

He is for lowering property taxes.

Randall Emily and McClendon Marty.png

Timeline: Voting For Dummies

2018-10-11 Thursday 05:39 PM LMS | Voting For Dummies
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Joy Standford

She is against divisive politics, AKA Make America Great Again (MAGA). She likes shared priorities, AKA shared socialism, shared resources, possibly. She might be for Obama Care and is on the Democrat or Democratic party it seems.

Michelle Caldier

She has an open door and prefers the Republican party.

Standford Joy and Caldier Michelle.png

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Illegals Vote?

Can an illegal, an undocumented immigrant, foreigner, migrant, refugee, obtain a driver's license, permit, document, identification document (I.D.) card or something? If so, then can they register to vote with their ID and then vote? If so, then that means illegals, criminals, gang members, others, could and do in fact vote.

Vote with Drivers Licenses and Illegals too Question.png

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