United States of District Columbia

Country or Corporation?

Why is your name in ALL CAPS and why is the title of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in all caps as well? Why can't you get the original copy of your birth certificate? Why do they sell your birth certificate? Why are our birth certificates used as bonds between corporations, countries, organizations, empires, and world banks? Why are our birth certificates, AKA bonds, matured at our death, when we die?

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Death of a Nation

What happened in 1801 in the District of Columbia (DC), not to be confused with the super heroes of the Detective Comics (DC) which formed in 1934, a year after 1933? What did Congress create out of DC in 1801 and why does it matter? The answer is that we can better break free when we know the rules, when we know what happened. The good news is that we can sue DC. We can regain power again as Sovereign Citizens. Contracts can be created and broken. Contracts can be amended.

Republic For The United States of America

Murdered Bill Foust

Why are laws after 1933 called ACTS instead of laws and does that have anything to do with the fact that America went bankrupt in 1933? You can find the answer to these questions in these videos, assuming YouTube hasn't beamed 'em up out of the solar system. So, watch these videos before it's too late. In a blink of an eye, like the RAPTURE, these videos may be gone. Freedom can be gone in a blink of an eye as well.

Corporate Swamp?

The District of Columbia (D.C.) was originally designed back in 1790, July 16 (amended in 1791), according to the U.S. Constitution, to be the capitol for America. Under this Act, Congress made the President the civic leader of the local government of said Territory (D.C.). It empowered George Washington to appoint commissioners to oversee this DC PROJECT. Please note that DC is a federal district that is not under state laws but is only under Congress. DC is the seat of the federal government as well as other international organizations, hint hint, the word OTHER HINT HINT. However, in 1801, February 27, under the second DC act, two counties formed, Washington County to the East and Alexandria County to the West. By the way, there is a community in The Walking Dead called Alexandria. Please note that because of that 2nd DC act in 1801, residents in DC were no longer considered residents of Maryland or Virginia, meaning they were not allowed to vote for members of Congress at that time. By the way, what happened in 1871 and 1913? Let me know if you know in the comments below.

United States Vs. More

In 1805, there was a Supreme Court Case with Benjamin More (a DC justice of the Peace), not to be confused with Benjamin Button. Yeah, you want MORE with that? I used to go to MOORE STREET. But that is neither here nor there. By the way, the Supreme Court, from 1801-1835, was referred to as the Marshall Court because John Marshall was the 4th Supreme Justice (Judge) at that time, during those 34 years. Maybe they named that Marshall Law thing after John Marshall.

Federal Cities?

Three DC cities, Alexandria, Georgetown, and Washington, were placed under the laws of DC and the Supreme Court has repeatedly called it the Charter Act of the District Columbia or the District Columbia Organization Act and has recognized it as the incorporation of the municipality known as DC. In 1801, March 3rd, expanded the Supplementary Act to that 2nd DC Act to add authority for Marshals in appointing as many officers, officials, politicians, as needed, or as many as they wanted for different states all over America. For over the past 200 years, the Supreme Court called DC an independent municipal corporation government that can sue and be sued, since 1801. That is a long time.

Law Brackets

Anything in brackets or in boxes are not there. If a cop pulls you over, you can show them your U.S. state ID card and say that this is your U.S. Corporation card. If you sign a ticket, put brackets around your name, your signature. If that ticket makes it up to a judge, then you can legally defend yourself. You can say it is not there. Legally, it is not there, according to how laws work, historically.


When you write a check, you write the money in boxes which means it is not there and you are not getting the money in those boxes. If you are sending money to your bank, all the money, all the numbers in the boxes, are contributed away from you to banks, corporations, like VISA, and others. I wonder if there is a way to break those boxes to get the money. Banks may even make you sign twice when you are transferring money, sending money. That means, first you sign to give away your money, and second, when you sign a second paper during the same transaction, you are then creating money out of thin air.

United States of District Columbia

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Timeline: United States of District Columbia

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Do you want to learn more about these things? Please let me know in the comments below or on Facebook, Gab, email, Minds, Twitter, by phone, or something. In this article, I've included some videos and some links related to the country I was born into, the United States of America (USA), back in 1985, in Oregon. I'm planning to write more about these things in the future because it helps us know what happened.


For example, when we put a license plate on our car, we give up title, profit, rights, to that car. Same thing is applied when we get a driver's license. We enter these contracts which may have some benefits and also some consequences as well. When we have an ID, we get the benefit of an ambulance, a police, a lawyer, things like that. However, we can decide whether or not we want to be part of these contracts or not. I've talked a little bit about these things. If you're confused, please let me know. There are things we are doing that help.

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In or At Law?

There are things you can do that can help in your life. I'm still learning about some of these things right now. I'll add more later. By the way, you do not want an attorney at law but an attorney in law.

Dead Corpse?

By the way, corps means corpse, AKA dead body, and legally, by law, we can be deemed as dead, so to speak, according to law, if we sign into certain deals, contracts, when we give up rights which are given by God and not by government. By the way, we should not have babies at hospitals because that is when we give up our children's rights and title to the government. You can revoke power of attorney, for example.

Power To Revoke?

New laws have not been created after 1933 in America. Instead, acts and policies and codes have been added. There are ways out of these acts. You can know the rules. You have more power, more freedoms, more rights, than you know. You can fly in a whole other dimension. Government took so much from you and me. We can collect so much from them, if we know how to do it.

Americans Are Kings?

You may not know that you are a king, assuming you don't give up all your rights up to the federal government. Bill Foust told a story about how he was in court. He said he wanted to pay. They weren't happy because it was not enough money. In other words, they wanted the trial to last longer in order to collect more money. But Bill got them to stop. Bill won it. They told Bill to pay bribe, AKA coffee money as they call it in Vietnam, extortion, cough cough, I mean a fee. He was sent to stand in a line. He stood in line but then asked somebody, "I see this peasant line. I don't see any Kings Line." Just a bunch of slaves. They didn't have a real answer. So, he stood in line. When Bill got to the counter, he said, "I got this notice and it's bothering me." Why, she asked. Bill replied, "Because I'm the respondent, and according to the rules & procedures, respondents doesn't have to pay to prove his innocence. Now, whoever brought this controversy must also bring the remedy.


That's law, AKA LEGAL MAXIM. So, I want you to go ahead and open up a file on this for me." But she read it and said, "Oh no, I can't do that, you have to pay $168 USD." Bill said, "If it says there I get a million dollars, I win, because I can write that in there right now?" She replied, "No, what I meant was, if you want to pursue this, you have to pay $168." Bill returned, "Well, I didn't really want to do this, but if you're not going to go ahead and charge the credit card company, then I authorize you to access the Replevin Bond they file when they filed the suit against me."


She said, "Uhh, I need to get my supervisor." By the way, a Replevin Bond is an insurance policy, that they're required to file, just in case they were to make a mistake. Like they sued a real man instead of the straw man and they didn't spell it right, and maybe they thought there was real money that I was supposed to pay back with real money and all these other things like the gold standard.


They made a big mistake when they messed with the real man. The lady came back & said the supervisor was off to lunch at 3 PM. Oh, are you kidding me? Here is a note you can give her in private. Bill continued, "So, I accepted their offer & returned it with a signature & a stamp & a thump print if you know what I'm talking about." She looked at it and then Bill said, "I will affect payment this one time on this case but I expect reimbursement for this. Do you understand that?" She looked at it and said, "Oh! That's good." So, she puts it in a file, & takes off & said, "I'll have Maureen Green call you when she comes in." Bill nodded his head, "Great." But then, Bill didn't get a phone call. Some weeks later, Bill gets a pile of paperwork from the attorney office. But they're late, out of date, 90 days past the due date of when they're supposed to respond. Bill continued, "So, now I have them in default. So, now that they opened up the deal, I'm going to go ahead and go in and file this." Bill went back to the clerk of the court and said, "Hey, I need to file this into the case. This is an order for the judge to sign because they're in default, and according to rules & procedures, they lost."


She looked at it and said, "There's no file number." Bill smiled, "Oh, really, I came in here and paid for it." In other words, Bill accepted their bill & told them where to go get it. The estate is responsible for paying that, right? She said, "I don't have any. There's nothing in here. Are you Bill?" Yes. "There was supposed to be a file open. I affected payment here several weeks ago and I still haven't got notice." She then said, "I need to get my supervisor." The next person came up and said, "Hi are you Bill?" Yes. Bill responded, "I'm the authorized representative, probably to the one you are referring to, do you need to speak with me?" She said, "I would like to in private." Bill glupped, "Great, how 'bout that, I'm in the private side already." They go into a room and she said, "We need $168 to open up this file." Bill already paid it long ago.

Kings Open Doors

So, Bill smirked, "Let me see that." He didn't take it. He did not steal it. She handed it to him. She gave it to him. Bill opened the file and said he paid for it, what's the problem? She frowned, "Well, we don't recognize that." Bill retorted, "That's because you haven't opened up a file. If you opened up a file and took that to the judge, the judge would recognize it and everybody would be very happy, right now, including me, and I'm not happy you didn't take this. So, here's the case. Here's the order I'm sending it in and this is the file. You need to take this and have the judge sign this. So, open up a file and do that for me." So, she takes it from me and says, "Well, I'll have to find out about that, thank you." When she took that from Bill, she accepted is offer, legally speaking. They had 72 hours to reject the offer, but they didn't call or respond at all. Look at the FAIR TRADING ACT. Eventually, she said to Bill, "We still need $168 to open this case."

Bill quacked, "We got real problems now.

I'll be in to talk to you in a little bit." There's a lot of things happening. The first case that was filed was the Replevin Bond. But the problem is when the courts were not sending the money with the controversy. So, it's like the Replevin Bond was lost in the mail or ignored or gone somewhere. Bill went to his favorite court and said, "I need to see the guy who is administrating this corporation here and talk to him about the Replevin Bond that didn't make it to the intended destination as they don't have any record of it." When somebody files a lawsuit, "They have to put in there their a bid bond which means that if you don't show up, that's the amount of the lawsuit. So, the payment is already, in effect, paid. Now, some lawyers have bar numbers that doubles as an insurance policy. Now, when you show up in response to an offer, they have to post another bond called the performance bond which is 3 times the amount of the original bid bond, just in case they damage you, you walk away with enough compensation to make it worth it.


Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Ever been sentenced? Ever been brought before a judge to stand trial and won? So, did you ever go back and say, "I need my money?" Because of the Performance Bid? If you leave it there, they get to collect it because you abandon it. Replevin means to reinsure. You can say they're robbers. Maybe. But you regardless, we just got to know the rules of this game of life. There is a lot more on this coming soon. More on this, later. Thanks for reading.

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