Trump Cures Cancer

Forget what the CIA did with giving blacks drugs in the 1960's because Trump is ignoring other diseases, said this Mark Dice CNN parody video here which is funny but has truth sprinkled into this satire bit that made me laugh a lot today.

You can make videos too and share them with your liberal friends to red pill them or maybe they'll just punch you in the face but then again, if Tommy Robinson can take on ten Muslims bent on destroying his Mojo and body, then maybe you can too. Maybe the best education in the world is in entertainment and in music videos and more.

They mock Christians if God speaks to Christians but they are fine with God speaking to Oprah. That is irony. That is one example of a contradiction in logic. You can find out more about logic and philosophy from @Stefan.Molyneux and it can change your world forever.

Funny Fake News Parody

2018-03-13 Tue 04:02 PM LMS: Trump Cures Cancer
By Oatmeal Joey Arnold - (Add Me)(Contact Me)(See More)
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