Transgender Bomb

Brand new song.

If it doesn't look like a bomb, doesn't have black powder like a bomb, doesn't walk like a bomb, doesn't talk like a bomb, doesn't have a ticking time clock like a bomb like you see on 24, doesn't blow up like a bomb, doesn't have the ability to blow up like a bomb, doesn't smell like a bomb, doesn't work like a bomb, or does in fact look too obviously like a bomb like a photoshoped co-op, but if the bomb identifies as a transgender bomb, then that bird must be a bomb, even if the bird is just a bird.

(David Knight Show on Bitchute)
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The Bird is the Word.

Reminds me of that Family Guy episode where Peter discovered that catchy song, you know? Did you know that the bird is the word? In this case, the bird is the bomb.

(The Info Wars Alex Jones Show on Bitchute)
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Actually, that bombs (sucks).

Michael Jackson (MJ), the father of Kanye West, said, in this comic cartoon episode of the Transgender Bomb, "I'd say Trans PARENT of the Non-playable Characters (NPC) seen in this crowd (audience) here, the normies." Yeah, the bird is influencing Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and NPC bots alike. MJ (not Michael Jordan) also said, "Or Chicken" because that Angry Bird looks like dinner.

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Fake Bomb Scare

Get out of my body & into my belly, I'd say as an Original Oatmeal or Ice Breaker at Salvation Army Camp Kuratli Wilderness Camps back during the summers of 2007 & 2008. "Leave no trace," said Captain Planet.

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Hug a tree.

Build Solar Panels. Eat chicken. Michael (not Giga Kurtz) also said, sarcastically, "And I thought I was Black & White." Alex Jones said, "They're making the frogs & birds so gay that they're identifying as bombs."

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Make America Bomb Again?

Oh, breaking news, this #MAGABomber was like a Alt-Right Trump Fan. A Hard Core Make America Great Again (MAGA) Hulk Hogan Maniac, really? I'm not going to say that all of this is fake, but I can say that it is all pretty fishy, I mean birdy. People play hacky sack with birdies in Vietnam. I love eating chicken & rice (COM GA) when I lived in Saigon for 5 years. I left America because of Obama & returned because of the Red Wave Patriotic Country First Movement of Donald Trump and of American Patriots all over the United States (USA). We are making history each day unlike ever before.

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