Total Recall

This movie is about a post-apocalyptic future with Ready Player One RoboCop police and a man who is having scary nightmares. He has a hot wife but dreams of another woman each night for years. So, he goes to the Men In Black (MIB) Dollhouse (Joss Wheadon) Rekal. Is the Matrix Narnia Fringe spoon real?

This movie is based on a 1966 book about an interactive Minority Report Dollhouse Matrix future in like 2099 A.D. or close to the 22nd century at the end of world wars where there are only two territories, the United Federation of Britain (UFB, located on the British Isles and western mainland Europe) and the Colony (Australia).

People travel the Fall, the subway elevator train from the Colony to the robot factories in UFB each day. The Fall goes through the core of the earth. In the 2012 film, you can see some $50 Obama bills. The 2012 film is based on the 1990 film, which is centered around the main character, Douglas Quail (or Quaid), who was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born in 1947 in Austria.

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The Sixth Day


Judge Dredd

The 2012 Total Recall film starred Colin Farrell as Doug Quail who is not to be confused with SteveQuayle of The Total Recall films are based on the We can Remember It For You Wholesale book which was published in April of 1966 and which feature the melding of realities with virtual reality, technology, false memories, and real memories. In the book, Doug Quail wants to visit Mars. His wife is annoyed by that fantasy. Doug discovers Rekal Incorporated (or Rekall) who does memory implants. Doug fantasizes of being 007, James Bond, a special secret agent. The Rekal technicians hook Doug to the Dollhouse machine to implant him with these fake memories but then they see that those desires were actually experiences from Doug's life. In the book, Doug becomes confused at that point. he doesn't know what to do.

Metal Gear - Joey Mantis

He doesn't know if he is just an Average Joe or if he is some kind of secret agent man. He leaves that Dollhouse place. He finds a box with fauna smuggled from Mars. He confronts his wife on whether or not he has ever been to Mars. She leaves him. After that, two armed men enter and begin to talk to him both verbally and telepathically. Yeah, there is a phone in his brain. In the 2012 Total Recall film, the phone is an implant in his right hand (he pulls it out with broken glass). In the book, he discovers that he is an assassin who killed a political opponent on Mars. Something to do with the globalism, the New World Order (NWO) on our earth. The armed men asks Doug to surrender but that turned into a Matrix Mortal Kombat Street Fighter Fight Club Fight.

Doug begins to remember who he was and his former commanders telepathically calls him up and Doug suggests that he should get his mind wiped again like they do in Dollhouse and Men In Black (MIB) which is a film franchise starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones which premiered in 1997 and which was based on the three comics from 1990. So in the Total Recall book, they tell Doug he would get bored again if he was given new fake memories just like Echo in Dollhouse and Tommy Lee Jones in MIB. It is like an epic Lion King cycle, a circle of life, as seen mentioned in the Matrix as the Architect said there has been other Neo agents who sought to save the world from the robots. Doug would probably end up back here again in trying to find out who he really is like the Nowhere Man (TV series from 1995) and Jason Bourne of the Bourne Identity Films which began in 2002, starring Matt Damon, which was based on the Bourne Novels which began in 1980.

The Nowhere Man, Jason Bourne, and Doug, are people who do not know who they are. In the Total Recall book, Doug turns himself in. He is placed with a psychologist to try to figure out what is going on in his brain. As a kid, he envisioned that miniature Mars aliens were planning to take over the world like Pinky & the Brain and Rita & Lord Zedd of the Mighty Morphine Power Rangers (MMPR) but with futuristic technology.

The aliens decided to hold off because of how nice Doug was to them. Oh, those memories turned out to be real according to Rekal. The aliens must have suppressed Doug's memories. The Rekal representative, McClane, realizes that Doug will get (or did get) a citation from the United Nation (U.N.). In the movies, Doug's last name was Quaid instead of Quail. His other name is Henry Reed, not to be confused with a character (Spencer Reid) in Criminal Minds. In the book, the character, Doug, is narrating while eating an apple that was frozen for like 200 years. He says he cannot eat any more of that crap. Oh, but I love to eat from my own gardens.

The future doesn't have to become too much like Chicago Gotham. Doug begins pretty bored like the man in the Fight Club who didn't know who he was like Bourne, like the Nowhere Man, like Men in Black, like Echo in Dollhouse. In the Fight Club, the guy, David Fincher, was played by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Yeah, it two actors to play one character in a film. He had like split personalities, like a double life, like Doug Funny. Remember the cartoon named Doug? in the beginning of the 2012 film, Doug walks by a three-boobed hooker as Doug was going off to Rekal to get a new Sims life. Doug lives in a post-apocalyptic future that was born out of global, chemical, warfare, world wars. Rekal is a shady business in the red light district of the Colony (Australia).

"It's still the best way of getting fluids into the human body," said a nurse to Doug at Rekal, during the MIB Dollhouse memory Implantation process. Doug is seen murdering the Artificially Intelligent, robotic, android Data Robocop Terminator police. I guess, some of the police were humans. At one point, Doug's best friend, the black guy, not to be confused with Samuel L. Jackson, is trying to convince Doug that it is all a dream and that his wife isn't really trying to kill him and that he is still at Rekal. This reminds me of a parody video we made about Metal Gear where I say to Naked Solid Snake (Matt Kurtz) that it's not a game, it's real life (sometimes, people die), that it is time to do homework, and then Snake gets a call from like himself or something, and his future self, past self, or whatever, tells him that Joey Mantis is playing with your mind by telling you it is real when it is really not real. You are still in that hallway.

You are not really there. You are not really here. Bend the Matrix Spoon, again. In the 2012 Total Recall movie, Doug begins to find out who he was and he tries to stop the Federation from invading the Colony. Doug is able to defeat the leader of the Federation, Chancellor Vilos Cohaagen, who was played by Brian Cranston who also played Walter White in Breaking Bad. n the father in Malcom in the Middle and Cranston has mocked Trump. In the book, the Martians are trying to invade, and in the film, it is the New World Order (NWO), the Bilderberg, and the EU even. Speaking of the EU, the Walter White guy, in the 2012 film, kills the leader of the Resistance, and that leader looks like the President of Catalonian Autonomous Community. You see that Catalonia has been fighting for independence like Quebec, Hong Kong, and the Star Wars Rebels and Resistance.. Oh, not to be confused the Control Freak, Anti-Trump, Resistance.

Total Recall Book Versus Movies Debate. A Twilight Future?

Here is a video of the Audio Book of the Total Recall book on YouTube: the 1990 and 2012 films were based on that book, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, by Philip K. Dick, in April, 1966.

The Matrix is like Inception with Dreams inside Dreams and Star Trek Holograms and HoloDecks (Virtual Reality, Multi-Purposeful, Rooms), as in Matrixes within Matrixes.

Total Recall - Film Review

2018-06-11 Monday 10:12 AM LMS: Total Recall
Written by me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 05:17 PM

My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold and I wrote this film review article post on Steemit today after watching the 2012 Total Recall film, starting at about 01:00 AM this morning on my computer and I may watch the 1990 film which features Arnold Schwarzenegger. Before that, at about 11 PM, I was watching Fear The Waking Dead (FTWD 408). In this article here, written on Monday, the 11th of June of 2018, from 10 AM to 5 PM PST APX, today, at LMS, near Seattle, approximately (APX), that is this year, some days before my first anniversary on Steemit, I compare Total Recall to Minority Report, Men In Black, Dollhouse, Robocop, Terminator, 1984 (book), X-Files (MIB), the Sixth Sense, the Sixth Day, Eraser, Judge Dredd, as in sci-fi movies, books, series, about the future, generally, in the good and the bad of what is happening in our real world and in what can happen and will happen in many cases, both good and bad and we can do things to determine our Back to the Future future as Doc said to Michael J. Fox, Mart Marty McFly, that the future is not written yet, except in that great book of the ancient of days, so make it a good one. This is like a rough draft on this movie review and I may update these articles in the future from time to time as is my habit.

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My dad used to say, "I have Total Recall."

Total Recall 2070 10 Brain Fever

@Stefan.Molyneux back in 2012

2012 Total Recall Movie Review by Alex Jones: you can see the film either as a warning of a possible future or as a blue pill to get us to accept it. Life is stranger than fiction in most cases. Globalists are trying to do this. In many cases, the globalists have been doing this for many decades now in so many ways. In our real world, in 2018, we have full-body scanners at airports as seen in the movies as well. They are creating a Utopian, Dystopian, Future. Control Freaks take away our freedoms in the name of alleged security, protection, safety, and humanity deserves neither when they do that, want that, demand that. What one generation tolerates, the next propagates (Anderson). I went Anderson's ABC school. Are you willing to give up freedoms for safety? Saying yes is very dangerous as seen in 1984, a book, named Nineteen Eighty-four, by George Orwell in 1949. He also wrote Animal Farm (1945). Bad people are taking control of humanity through drugs, medicine, big Pharma, chemicals, Chem Trails, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, corporatism, technocracy, centralization, plutocracy, apathy, ignorance, secular education, Hollywood, through entertainment, Soros Clinton Obama news media, through Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, through Oprah programs, Bill Gates programs, through Phone Cancer 5G stuff, through the subjectivity, through the destruction of Stefan Molyneux Philosophy of the art of the deal of the argument of real @Cernovich journalism and much more and we lose as humans when we are not talking about these things and when we are not making funny videos and memes that talk about these things and when we are not voting and not writing songs about the NWO and when we are not asking people simple Lionel Nation Media questions and arguments and references and everything. We the people can try our best in making differences in our world and we have been for Trump and InfoWars and Drudge and Brexit and Italy and for Tommy Robinson and for WikiLeaks and Project Veritas and everything. Each generation either fights for freedoms, liberties, choices, for life, or they miss out on that kind of Promise Land, Pilgrim Progress, from Sea to Shinning Sea, flowing with Milk and Honey and Oatmeal.


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