Top NPC Moments of 2018

2019-01-01 Tuesday - XHALE SCREAM MEME Screenshot at 2018-12-31 23:48:27.png

Meme Contest.

Why not? Like a Kodak Picture, I'll last longer than Felix on Tik Tok. Can you make better memes than me? I love art. I love to draw. This PNG Image Visual was the first meme I've ever made in 2019, and it is of that Xhale NPC Cashier blowing up at a customer who was buying Naked Juice for his wife. Happy New Year. These are defining moments.


Dinosaur News

For too many years, the Control Freaks have been pre-programming us incrementally, for over a century, step by step, in brain washing the masses, generally speaking. In 2018, I made this meme of Alex Jones telling Piers Morgan that if centralized powers were to take away our guns, then 1776 would then commence again. We're still in this battle. There were school shootings and other shootings. They use these events as excuses to take away more of our first, second, and especially fourth, amendments. The good news, is that alternative news, platforms, websites, groups, places like Steemit, Gab, Brighteon, Minds, Trump Town, Bitchute, MeWe, etc, have been rising. Like Mike Adams said, 2019 will be the year of accelerated growth in the world of decentralization. Like Russia, China will be freed. We the people are back. The year of the Oatmeal.

npc rcs

Radical Cram School

What is your school teaching kids? Are they teaching them to change their gender at the age of eight years old? You can see what they have been teaching children on that YouTube Radical Cram School (RCS) Series about how bad Trump is and how evil white people are and much more.

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