Tommy Robinson Will Be Sentenced Next Week

They said they're trying to send a message that says if you're reporting about Jihadism, Sharia Law, Open Borders, globalism, child rape, child murder, what is happening in the Catholic church, Islam, other religions, and other things, then we will throw you in jail and have you murdered as well, for example.

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Tommy Robinson was thrown in jail on Friday, the 25th of May of 2018, for asking criminals how they felt about their cases. He was recording a video outside a courtroom in England. He was not breaking the law. People who said that he broke laws are either lying or are unaware of what happened. What Tommy did was a normal thing that other people do as well. But regardless, corporate media has lied about what happened. It's fake news. It's a long story. Globalists are trying to force us into submission via the utilization of fear. I've been writing articles about Tommy and others. I encourage you to do the same. Write something. Make something. Pass on the word.

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They're turning Tommy Robinson into a martyr

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Alex Jones Show This Monday

Tommy Robinson will be on the Alex Jones Show this coming Monday, the 8th of July of 2019. The Free Tommy Movement is growing. Tommy said that he wants them to throw him in jail as that is only going to make this movement grow. People are waking up to what's happening. More on this later. Our future is dependent on us. We are the school and we are the news when we educate each other, when we share the news with each other online and offline. That's the good news, as long as we stay active in initiating conversations with each other. That's how we make differences in the world, simply by talking about it, first. That's the first step, talk about it with people around you, if you want things to improve.

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