Tommy Robinson is Banned From the Internet

The European Union (EU) Removes This Off the Internet.

Hundreds of newspaper articles on Tommy is being taken down.

This is the article I wrote about yesterday, 2018, May 25th, Friday, some hours ago: click here.

They are killing this off many websites.

You Are Not Allowed to Read This Article, according to the EU.

You are next.

Tommy Robinson was arrested yesterday for live streaming at a court house where there was a trial of Muslims involved in child trafficking. For so many years, media has been banned from talking about Muslims having sex and murdering five year old boys and girls for hundreds of years now in so many countries.

Tommy was sent to jail for 13 months where Muslims may murder Tommy. They are trying to kill Tommy and you and me and everybody. Globalists are shadow banning Donald Trump. Globalists are banning Info Wars. Facebook and Twitter and YouTube banned me from their social ghetto media networks for mentioning the Agenda of Evil website and the Info Wars website and the Drudge Report website and much more.

The good news is that we are changing the world as the Pope is in trial for sick stuff with little boys. There are many good stories of independence, free markets, patriotism, revolutions, global awakenings, and many people are taking the red pills in America and in many countries around the world and thousands of people are waking up each day. Globalists are killing us. Oprah is killing us. Look at what the father of Bill Gates was doing. Make memes about life. Spread the links. Spread the videos like I do. We are in info wars and we win as we talk about it.

Breitbart is banned from talking about Tommy.

This article may be removed off Steemit.

They are going after you.

Tommy Robinson is Banned From the Internet

2018-05-26 Saturday 05:14 PM LMS: Tommy Robinson is Banned From the Internet
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Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 06:18 PM


Facebook & Twitter Banned Me For Posting This Hitler Photo

FB TWITTER BANNED Hitler ALLAH 2018-05-20 SUN.png]

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